Thursday, June 29, 2006


I think this is how I started blogging (over two years ago!) and so often this is why I post in my blog. I read other blogs and discover something that inspires me to write. Sometimes it is directly in response to something I've read, but more often it sends me off on a completely different tangent.

I read in Felicia's post today about how all poker players are socially awkward, and I'm certainly no exception.

Yet somehow I've managed to generate a large stable of friends in the poker community. How did this happen?

A lot of the credit goes to Veneno, my own personal chat pimp. I had chatted on AOL chat a few times with Felicia, and had even met a few folks live and in person. But I didn't get to meet and befriend most bloggers until I got on the Yahoo girly chat thing.

When I first signed on to Yahoo Instant Messenger I dinged Maudie on AOL IM and she gave me a few names of folks on YIM. One of them was Veneno. She immediately took me under her wing, inviting me to group chats, testing my voice capabilities and introuducing me to all the other chattin' fools.

Once she even dragged me kicking and screaming into a chat with the The Blogfather himself. He and I proceeded to have a heated debate on subjects ranging from religion to addiction.
From there I got invited to the annual birthday bash with such blogger luminaries as Daddy, Pauly and the aformentioned Maudie and Boy Genius.

I'm not so much excited to meet new people in Vegas as I am excited about getting to see my friends. I feel like I know most of them already through chat, and it will be great to have a few (too many) drinks and just hang out. Plus I will get to meet the person who made it all happen, Veneno herself.

Thanks YoYo. I owe you big time.


SirFWALGMan said...

And the culmunation (ya I am too hungover to look at the spelling) is MEETING ME IN VEGAS BABY!

mookie99 said...

Congrats again on the 2 years. Another nice banner below and thanks for playing last night.

TripJax said...

Wait a minute...I hooked you up with about fiddy nine girlie chat names!

All good...I keed I keed.

I've enjoyed your blog, and your interesting take on life, from the first post I read.

Veneno said...

Thx Duggle..I do love to chat!

Can't wait to give you a big hug in Vegas..