Saturday, June 24, 2006

Very unhappy with WPEX

I am very unhappy with World Poker Exchange. I have heard about problems with their software and I have had intermittent connection issues with them, but nothing major. I figured if I was disconnected during an important hand in a ring game, the disconnect protection would save me. I figured wrong.

I was playing a $50NL table when I stacked two players two hands in a row after they min raised. The beauty of calling the min-raise is that the morons who make this brillian maneuver always seem to be absolutely SUPER GLUED to their hands. If you make the cheap call and make even a halfway decent hand, you can usually stack them.

This was even more glorious because it was two hands IN A ROW. The morons could see how stupid min raising was when I called the first one with 63 offsuit and stacked player number one with a boat on the turn. This didn't stop player two from min raising and busting when I made a boat on the turn from the small blind with A5s.

A few hands later I called a min raise with 45off. The flop came K55 and if the raiser had anything but KK, I was gold. He min bet the flop which I called, and he bet $3 on the turn. I raised him $19, leaving him with about $2.

Then I disconnected. No big deal, right? Disconnect protect would come into effect, the hand would play out and I'd get my money. I get reconnected and the money is gone. I request a hand history, and it shows me folding the hand.

What?!? What the fuck is disconnect protection for if not this specific situation?

I connected to their live support and they gave me an email address to send a complaint to. But I know the best they will do is refund my part of the hand. This is unsatisfactory to me. Unless my opponent had KK or the river was a K, which is impossible to say, I should have won a $43 pot.

The problems at WPEX are just too much. The rake rebate is great, but the software is barely adequate, and the connection issues just make playing there impossible.

Update: They credited my account with my portion of the pot and told me that I shouldn't count on disconnect protect working. I told them if disconnect protect had worked I'd have won twice that much, and that if they can't get their shit software to work as advertised, I can't see myself playing there any more. Cash withdrawn, site uninstalled.

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Steelie said...

"...told me that I shouldn't count on disconnect protect working"

This part is crazy. Anytime someone tells you that you shouldn't count on their own product working, it's time to leave.