Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Excellent Full Tilt Poker Promotion

If you don't have an account at Full Tilt Poker yet, now is a great time to sign up.

Poker Source Online has upgraded their promotion amount from 6000 PSO points to 9000 PSO points, increasing the promotion value by 50%.

When I did my Full Tilt Promotion from Poker Source Online I finished the promotion in 90 minutes, and I didn't even play very high. I played $100NL with two tables at one time. Very easily done, and the points were in my account the next day. One of my referrals actually called me up after he was done because he thought it was too easy and that he was doing something wrong. Nope, it really is that easy.

At the new upgraded rate, that's like getting paid $1 per hour to play poker. Now you can take the 9000 PSO points and get a $90 Absolute Poker gift certificate. Word is that you can cash that out without even playing it, so you are basically getting $90 in cash.

And I can top that. The PokerRoom.com promotion has been upgraded to a $150 Amazon.com gift card. Just for doing one promotion, you will get a $150 Gift Certificate. That is the biggest promotional prize I have ever seen just for joining a poker site.

And PokerRoom.com is a pretty nice site. The software is slick and there is a browser version you can play on a Mac. It seems to me like all the Mac users make the games very soft, because I always did well there, and I really like their tournaments. Especially the cannonballs.

You still get the deposit bonuses directly from the sites for both of these promotions, although most people find the clearance rate, especially at Full Tilt Poker, very painfully slow. But you clear the PSO bonus and the site bonus concurrently, and it's still better than playing for nothing extra!

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Thanks for the heads up Doug :)