Sunday, June 04, 2006

Starting to get excited...

welcome to okie vegas oklahoma

I'm starting to get excited about Okie-Vegas.

It started with the comment by TripJax in the last post. It suddenly dawned on me that I was going to get to meet some more bloggers. I love meeting bloggers, probably because it usually eventually leads to tossing around a few chips in a drunken stupor.

It will be great to see Maudie and Gary again too. Even though I have met them already, it's always a good time. Always.

Unfortunately I am a couple of states away from Oak City right now, so I will not be there until Friday night. My plane lands at 9:30pm and Mrs. Bogey has graciously agreed to go straight from the Airport when she picks me up to the Newcastle Gaming Center. Hopefully I can get there by 10:30 or 11, and there will still be some bloggers there who are sober enough to say hello. Just kidding! I know Maudie will still be there. You can't get her away from those juicy tables with a crowbar.

The Saturday game is a little more up in the air. I am getting right back on a plane after the weekend, and Mrs Bogey might actaually want do something on a Saturday besides going to some stranger's house and watch me play poker. (Gary's no stranger to me, but he is to her.) I'm hoping she meets some nice people Friday night and wants to go. But I might have to beg off if I get the feeling that she'd rather do something else. I have been gone for three straight weeks, and I will be heading back Monday for three more in a row straight. And after that I am off to the real Las Vegas, which she is generously allowing me to go alone again this year.

So basically Saturday and Sunday are the last days she will see me for a couple of months....I don't think you'd call her greedy if she didn't want me spenging that whole weekend at a poker table.


TripJax said...

Any amount of time we have you will be great, I'm sure...

Looking forward to it Duggle.

GaryC said...

We will definitely understand if you can't make the game Saturday, but I will be "extra"-charming friday night in hopes of charming Mrs. Duggle.

See you Friday.


GaryC said...

BTW, great freaking picture. I might have to copy/snag that one for my Tuesday post, if it is ok by you.


DuggleBogey said...

You are welcome to the pic. You can even link it directly from my flickr account if you like. There's a bigger version available.