Friday, July 20, 2007

Back From Tunica

I made it back from Tunica in fine shape. Tripjax and surflexus stayed long enough to clean up at a poker tournament at the Horseshoe and then blew out of town headed for Okie-Vegas. I stayed the night, blew the rest of my money on -EV games and drove back to Tennessee with my tail between my legs. Craps be a harsh mistress.

I got some (illegal) pictures of Trip and Surf in the tournament, if they give permission I'll post one of each of them so you can see how formidable they really are at the table. I got plenty of shots in before the Tournament Director (a very nice guy actually) threatened to have security confiscate my camera.


surflexus said...

Permission granted. :)

TripJax said...

permission granted! i'd love to see it/them.