Friday, July 13, 2007

Deadline Days

Two major deadlines for poker players occurred recently.

deadlineThe technical provisions for enforcement of the UIGEA deadline passed recently. In typical government fashion, NOTHING HAPPENED. Either this law is not going to be enforced AT ALL, or the government is going to drag it out forever. My wager is that while the stupid legislature passed this law, they didn't do anything to fund it. Sounds like the amateur government we have in this country, doesn't it? If nothing ever happens, I wonder if the geniuses at Party Poker will ever stop kicking themselves for the amount of money they SURRENDERED by abandoning the US market before they really needed to?

The second deadline is actually today, the day the Justice Department was supposed to reach a settlement with Neteller. For those of us who have money stuck in that site, this was a pretty big deadline. The Justice Department is a part of the government however, so I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you. I haven't heard anything yet today (I was hoping to awaken to a wonderful email that said "come get your money!") but I will keep checking.

Edit: PokerNews is reporting that the Neteller delay is official. What a shock. Blame falls on the United States Attorneys Office, who blame it on "recent developments" aka "bullshit."

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Nice remark about PartyPoker :)