Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Whole World Has Gone Stupid

Stories like this "Diet Soda linked to Diabetes, Heart Disease/Does Diet Soda Make You Sick?" are all over the news and internets today.

And if you look deeper into ANY of them you'll realize that the entire world of journalism must be full of total morons.

Here is the HIGHLY SCIENTIFIC content of all these stories in a nutshell. The rates of diabetes and heart disease is higher in those that drink soda, and NOT LOWER IN THOSE THAT DRINK DIET SODA.

There isn't one single shred of proof that diet sodas are bad for you IN ANY WAY. Not a single bit of research. Just that people who drink them tend to be less healthy.

Think about it. Who drinks diet soda? Skinny people? Not usually. Most people switch to diet soda because they are FAT. And what risk do fat people have in common? Higher incidences of diabetes and heart disease.

Basically the story they're telling is that DIET SODA DOESN'T CURE DIABETES AND HEART DISEASE.

Well no shit Sherlock. Yet the news all over the place has all these scare stories out about how "Diet Sodas will make you sick."

The bullshit is getting to me.


HighOnPoker said...

Haha! You hit it on the nose. People with diabetes switch to diet sodas. Ergo, there are proportionally a greater number of people with diabetes drinking diet rather than regular soda.

Its like the argument I once read that people who live together before marriage are MORE likely to get divorced. It isn't because they lived together first, though. It is because they have more liberal views generally. The people who refuse to live together before marriage are less likely to believe in divorce and are more willing to live out their lives in misery.

Shelly said...

We are surrounded by idiots.

Neil said...

I was a bit miffed when I read the article. I am thin dude, but I stay that way by only drinking diet. I can't help it. Easy serving size and convenient. Some people are sheep and will follow what anyone says. Lunacy abounds.

kat_95free said...

Sorry, can't agree with you. The fact is that the aspertame found in diet sodas has been studied and has been shown to stimulate the appetite, increase cravings for carbohydrates, and stimulate fat storage and weight gain. Leading to obesity and diabetes. And, you are forgetting about an important segment of the population---I'm not so worried about the effects diet soda has on the already overweight adults---their lifstyle has been pretty much determined. I am more concerned about the young kids and teenagers that are drinking this stuff and the long term effects it will have on them. Believe me, I'm not a fan of the media either. But to assume that every story they feature is idiotic, is----well, idiotic in itself. How about doing a little research on your own instead? There is much to be said for being an educated consumer.


DuggleBogey said...

Actually, I have done my research and I know that ALL the evidence of harmful affects of aspartame are PURELY anecdotal and there hasn't been ONE SINGLE scientific study that has shown aspartame is harmful in any way.

My comment was that the CONCLUSIONS drawn in ALL OF THESE ARTICLES are based on the research done on "people who drink these sodas" and disregards any other information about their lifestyles.

They fall into the logical fallacy commonly referred to as "modus moron," which goes "If a therefore b, b therefore a."

Its like saying that diets cause people to be fat, because only fat people diet.

Some of the stories mention your claims a relationship between aspartame and appetite, but if you look at the studies, they always use those scientific "hedge" words like "linked" and "there MAY be a link."

Basically it is just a HUGE scare piece with absolutely NO scientific foundation.