Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Quitting Anything, Including Poker

Katitude posted about "Falling out of love" with poker. It's bullshit of course. The reason she claims to be losing that loving feeling is that she can't handle the beats. And that's the worst reason to quit playing poker.

You can't quit something if you still care about it. If the beats bother you, then you have feelings. You care. You will always come back, trying to overcome the beats, until you either don't care anymore, or you are broke.

Here's what I left in her comments:

If you get upset about suckouts, you still care enough about poker to play the game.

The secret that NOBODY tells you about poker is that the ONLY way to keep from tilting when you take a beat ISN'T to be able to control your feelings. The secret is to NOT HAVE THEM. You have to ACTUALLY NOT CARE about the outcome. And when you don't care, then you can play perfect tilt-free poker.

But ask yourself...Who wants to play a game when they don't care about the outcome?

When you realize that, then you can quit.


katitude said...

Not sure how you got the idea that I was quitting. Perhaps the phrase "And yet I will play on" wasn't clear enough.

mcSey said...

Very zen DB.