Monday, July 02, 2007

The BBT is Over

The final tournament of the "Battle of the Bloggers" aka "The BBT" came to a wheezing finish last night with "The Blogger Big Game."

There wasn't a lot of drama at the end as Bayne_s demolished the field. Amazingly jeciimd came in third and won a total of $118.32 after playing in 32 events ranging in buy-ins from $10 to $75. Even with the added prize for third place in the BBT of $372.20, there's no way he didn't lose money in this thing. At $20 avg entry fee, he probably shelled out around $640 to win $490 total.

Only two people played in all 39 events, not surprisingly Bayne_s and surprisingly oossuuu754 who finished out of the money in seventh (top three paid, fourth and fifth got video game prizes.) They both shelled out $786 in fees and came out well ahead after prizes for individual tournaments. Bayne_s cleared $886 + $930.

I personally finished in 114th place, but profited around $160 overall. I only played in one event and didn't finish in the top 50, so I will not get to participate in the freeroll for the remaining $1850 in rake collected by Full Tilt that was returned 100% in the form of prize money for the winners and the freeroll prize pot.

Congrats to Tripjax for winning the final event and over $1200 in prize money for that single event, the "Blogger Big Game." I can honestly say I never thought they'd get more than 30 or so people for that $75 buy in event, so I'm amazed at the turn out. Before the BBT started there were about a dozen people playing in it. It's amazing how you add some points contest to the action and all kinds of dead money joins in. The prize money in that event skews the money results for the entire tournament.

Kind of weird that the overall money winner Tripjax finished in 16th place. The fifth overall money winner finished in 89th place and doesn't even qualify for the freeroll. 79 people won more money than the third place finisher, including me.

Someday someone will come up with a good scoring systems for these things. I've looked at a few, but they get so complicated people think you are rigging the results.

I hope people had fun with the BBT. I don't think interest dropped off too much towards the end as tends to happen when people fall out of contention in these contests. And I hope Iggy enjoys his Nintendo DS.

PS. I need Tripjax or surflexus to email me at the address in the right column, it's just my name at gmail. If anyone has a suggestion for an overnight stay in Tunica, I'd love some opinions. I can get a room at the Grand pretty cheap, and Sam's Town is another good deal.


TripJax said...

Didn't realize I was the overall money winner. I can't see al's blog from work so I'll check that later.

Granted I nailed it on that last tourney, but I wonder what I was before the tourney. Probably still in the top 15 or 20 in money. Not sure.

I'll email you soon, but I'd rather just talk on the phone or IM, so expect an email with my phone number on it. That way I can get your digits in my phone for future conversations and such. Looking forward to it...

Poker Nuts said...

Both are okay. Goldstrike and Horseshoe are good also