Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Neteller Paid Up.....but

The EFT from Neteller hit my old Oklahoma Bank account today, but the deposit was $70 more than my withdrawal request. And I withdrew the balance of the account.

My plan was to close the account in Oklahoma once and for all. Now what do I do? Do I leave $70 in that account for when Neteller comes calling for the money they transferred to me accidentally? Doing that would probably require me to pay a monthly fee as it would dip that account below the level that makes it a free account.

I'm not interested in collecting $70 that Neteller is surely screwing some other member out of by accidentally transferring it to me. Email has been sent but I haven't heard anything back yet.

Did anyone else receive the wrong amount?

Edit: Neteller responded to my email and said that my account balance was $3180.26 and that's what I withdrew. My only guess is that I typed the figure incorrectly when I put it into my blog and then remembered that number from that point on.

Edit2: You have my permission to declare me a retard in comments.


SirFWALGMan said...

Once you close the account they will have to find you and send a mail message.. so fuck them.. close the account and be done with it. If they send you a letter in the mail pay the 70 back to them. No big deal. Call it interest if it makes you feel better..

TripJax said...

Take the money and close the account.

They took your money for how many months with no interest and no guarantee you would ever see it again?

TenMile said...

How much were the Neteller Points worth?

DuggleBogey said...

The Who-whatnow?

Points? Worth?

Wolverine Fan said...

Go on, take the money and run
Go on, take the money and run, oo, oo, oo
Go on, take the money and run
Go on, take the money and run, oo, oo, oo
Steve Miller

Drizztdj said...

Ah yes the Neteller points!

They were "frequent user" points good for their weekly cash drawing that no one ever won.

StB said...

What a bunch of dishonest crooks! Not that it matters anymore, but the thing to do would have been to leave the money behind. If not collected within a certain amount of time, keep it.

Charles said...

If nobody else is going to call you a retard, I guess it is up to me.