Tuesday, July 24, 2007

TripJax in Action

In my defense it was dark in there and hard to focus...but this is the best shot I got of TripJax playing at the HorseShoe in Tunica:



TripJax said...

In my defense, my hand is covering my chips, I swear! All 3 of them.


TripJax said...

Also, thanks for posting the pic Duggles. That's my first picture in a casino playing a tournament. Kinda cool.

Wolverine Fan said...

Looking Good there, Trip.

Duggle, check out my blog for a Sunday tournament, if you can play. I'll be sending you an invite, if you don't mind.
Just a one time thing for me. It won't be a habit.

StB said...

How many times did it take him to get his pose just right?