Wednesday, July 11, 2007

No Comic

Sorry no comic today...

I spent the day down in Birmingham with my mother, hopping from doctor's office to doctor's office. She was supposed to have Chemo today but the catheter tube that they administer the chems through was leaking. So she had to have an x-ray to check it, which verified it was leaking. We had to drive to another doctor to get an appointment with a surgeon to remove it. The surgeon(Oddly, the only surgeon available was one that does lap-band [that stomach shrinking deal] and laser hair removal surgery.) was back in the original medical complex where the x-rays were taken. That only took 10 minutes after an hour of waiting in a room full of....well...morbidly obese people. The guy must do amazing business, because the room was PACKED...and not just because the people were big, there were A LOT of them. Then we had to make an appointment replace it on Friday and yet another waiting room to pre-register for the surgery. That's five waiting rooms in one day, and that doesn't include the little "interior" waiting rooms they make you wait in.

chemoI think it's good that she missed Chemo for this week though, because it sure seems like the treatments are killing her. She was in perfect health until the chemo started, now she looks very frail and is dropping weight like crazy. She can't even keep water down. They had to admit her to the hospital for IV feeding because she couldn't eat. I've never seen her so miserable.

While in the obesity doctor's waiting room I did get a chuckle reading a magazine called "American Hunter" which is really just a vehicle for the NRA to espouse political rhetoric. Pretty typical hilarious stuff like stories about 90-year old ladies that blew away teenagers who broke into her garage. Two ads close to the back had me giggling though. The first was for hearing aids (Get it? In a gun magazine?) and the second was for medicine for Erectile Dysfunction. I did show that last one to my mom and she did get a laugh out of it, so I may have managed to brighten her miserable day the tiniest bit.

Apparel Crisis

I wore a UAB shirt to work the other day, but when I got home Mrs. Bogey pointed out a small paint stain on it. I was disappointed that all my UAB apparel has gotten too old and worn out, and I wished I had some to wear. So on my way home from the hospital I stopped in a bookstore on the campus of my Alma Mater, UAB. I tried a department store in the area first but they didn't carry any UAB clothing. Hell, they didn't even have Auburn stuff, only Crimson as far as the sporting apparel section stretched.

I got to the campus bookstore at 5:40pm and the place closed at 6:00, but that didn't stop me from dropping $177 on UAB apparel. I basically ran through the store and picked one of everything in either Mrs. Bogey's or my size that wasn't too outrageously priced.

Apparel problem solved.

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