Thursday, July 12, 2007

Poker Comic #150

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Wolverine Fan said...

As a favor to me can you try to play the Brittbloggerment tourney on PokerStars at 4PM Sunday? They are doing a country vs. country competition and I would love for USA to take it down. Password is donkament and it is in private tourney tab as Brittbloggerment 17. Time is inconvenient for USA players but it is a fun tourney.

Hope to see you there.

slb159 said...

Gl with MaBoggey. Not sure about the treatment, but unfortunate thing about chemo is it not only kills the cancer/tumor cells, it also kills the "healthy" ones.

Just a matter of which goes first.

There are some radioactively-derivitized drugs out there that target specific receptor sites on just cancer cells, but they're for only certain types of cancer and are rare.

And as always, chemokine (chemotactic cytokines) and Mab's (monoclonal anitbodies), there are always some sort of side effects.

Just hope the chemo works, so they can start on a good treatment, rather than botching it like they did with my Ma. Stupid doctors.

Again, Gl.

Budohorseman said...

Ya know, I've gotten used to Tycho and Gabe, did you get a DMCA?