Monday, July 09, 2007

Non-vacation Vacation

Day one of my non-vacation Vacation was almost entirely unsuccessful.

My attempts to improve the performance of the computer I use to play World of Warcraft were a near total failure. The only success part was that I got it put back together and (eventually) got it working again, as much as it was working when I started.

On the bright side, I learned what one short beep followed by two long beeps means.

See the CMOS of your computer has a method of communicating when all other means (your monitor) fail. It beeps. You need to speak this miniature version of morse code for this to be any help at all. A bit of internet research discovered that one short beep followed by two long beeps means "There's a video problem."

Well duh.

I remedied that problem with a different video card (not compatible with WoW) and tried to add some memory (fails parity check.) So I ended up right where I started. At least I didn't pay for the parts, they were salvage stuff I had laying around. No wonder they didn't work.

At least I have Mrs. Bogey afraid of what I will be tearing apart next.

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