Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wisdom of the Rock

Chris Rock's observation of the OJ Simpson verdict was spot on when he said "Black people were too happy and white people were too mad."

I'm seeing some of that around here today, although I don't think the black folks I've been seeing are too happy, unless they expect things to get drastically better for them in the south. Things are the way they are for a reason.

No, I'm seeing a lot of white people who are VISIBLY UPSET at seeing black people so happy. There's no real minus for them, even if they perceive a poor government in their near future. Right now they are purely upset BECAUSE black people are so happy.

I said before that an added benefit to the Obama candidacy is that it drew a lot of closet racists out into the open. This is one way you can tell who they are.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I actually think my current favorite blog pastime is Waffles' fault. A while ago he posted about a British poker player named Ed who was clearly insane. He bluffed off thousands of pounds on the craziest plays. His swings were unbelievable. And he was brutally honest about how badly he played. He had a few commenters who commiserated with his plight, so naturally I followed them and their incredible stories of remarkably stupid behavior.

Those blogs generally don't last very long because people with such poor awareness and judgment aren't generally stable enough to maintain a blog. But while they are blogging I can't look away. It's like a train wreck, all unfolding in front of your eyes.

I could never be that brutally honest on my blog. I'm much too inhibited to actually give you a deep look into what I really think and feel.

But I LOVE blogs that do. Especially from people who are totally unaware that what they are doing shows INCREDIBLY poor judgment. Those blogs, although reading them is probably very unhealthy, have me positively enthralled. And amazingly, some of them have kept blogging over long periods of time.

One such blog floors me with a lack of decent judgment at least once a week. This person even posted stories about doing drugs at work, which is a bad idea since the person gives their real name in their blog, but also REAL NAMES and PICTURES of other people who participated. I hope those poor victims of this person aren't interviewing for a job anytime soon with an HR person that knows how to Google.

Another one I read is incredibly racist, yet it's fairly subtle so they probably think they're getting away with it. They're totally INFURIATED with the idea that someone of a different race is getting credit for something merely because they are non-white. They're especially concerned with those that are half-white for some reason. It seems impossible for them to accept the fact that someone of color might have earned something legitimately. No, this non-white person obviously got a leg up because of his race, even though there is nary a fact to indicate that's the case. If a person is black, all his accomplishments come from riding on the coattails of other people. Other WHITE people.

Most of the blogs I read are written by very intelligent and funny people. But this is like peering into the mind of a completely stupid person, yet that person is totally unaware of their lack of awareness and massively poor judgment. I could call it enlightening, but the actual material is as shallow and insipid as you could possibly imagine. They're also very funny, but in a completely different way. An unintentional way.

Friday, January 02, 2009

The Offending Code

// Function: ConvertDays
// Local helper function that split total days since Jan 1, ORIGINYEAR into
// year, month and day
// Parameters:
// Returns:
// Returns TRUE if successful, otherwise returns FALSE.
BOOL ConvertDays(UINT32 days, SYSTEMTIME* lpTime)
int dayofweek, month, year;
UINT8 *month_tab;

//Calculate current day of the week
dayofweek = GetDayOfWeek(days);


while (days > 365)
if (IsLeapYear(year))
if (days > 366)
days -= 366;
year += 1;
days -= 365;
year += 1;