Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I Call Bullshit

I call bullshit on all the people crying about the replacement referees in the NFL.

All I would hear every week of a normal NFL season is how each person's favorite team is getting fucked by the officials, that every call against their team is a bad call, and every call in favor of their team was justice handed down from god himself.

Now I keep hearing the replacement officials are doing a horrible job. Really? Based on what people have said up until now is it even POSSIBLE for the officiating to be worse? Are they not bringing the game to a screeching halt every 10 minutes to go look at a replay? Because I see absolutely no difference. I'm not seeing any more coaches' challenges, I'm seeing every single turnover play called either right or wrong and being upheld or overturned by replays.

Yes, I am seeing tons of missed calls, and tons of wrong calls, and tons of silly calls. But there was ALWAYS tons of them. Has anything changed?

I've never heard anyone say "wow the officiating in this college game is so much worse than the officiating in the pro league." Because NOBODY EVER THOUGHT THAT. Nobody ever said "this ref will never make it at the pro level." Nobody even knew or cared where officials come from.

Admit it. If you didn't know there was a referee lockout/strike or whatever it is, you wouldn't even notice a difference in the officiating in the NFL this year. You'd say it sucks, because it always has sucked. Only now it sucks, and you have to hear the asshole announcers talk about "regular officials vs. replacement officials."

Those poor assholes have to fill four hours of football every game when the action only occurs for about 15 minutes of that time. Don't give them such an annoying subject to talk about! They are desperate for something to fill that time with. To them this is a gift. A painfully annoying gift.

Last I heard everyone hated officials. Why is everyone suddenly so in love with the referees they hated so much when they called your favorite team for holding last year? I've never met anyone that liked officials. Are they the guys who loved being hall monitor in school?

The officials union and the NFL have a disagreement, and they will eventually get it worked out.  The replacement referees will do an equally shitty job until that happens. If you have a problem with that, get over it.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I used to think I was the magic frog in an ordinary garden. I realized I was an ordinary frog in a magic garden. It's so much better. Tnx GBS.

Thursday, September 13, 2012