Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Blue Pill

I tried one of the $1.25 Matrix tournaments on Full Tilt Poker. Interesting.

In case you don't know what they are, you pay one buy in and play 4 tournaments against the same set of players. You get points for finishing in the top 3 of each tournament, plus points for knocking out other players and lasting longer than other players. Each tournament has a payout for the top three finishers and the top three points leaders also get a prize.

I immediately noticed the convenience of four tables for a lot of players. If you get bad beaten on one table, BANG you have three more tournaments to GIVE THE GUY SHIT. Many players take advantage of this, but fortunately playing 4 tables at a time makes it tough to type.

Anyway, I finished fourth, third, second and second. Yeah, startlingly good heads up play. When all four tables were down to approx. 4 players, it was pretty maddening. When I lost the first table I had three going with three players at the same time. I can barely think when I'm playing one table, (okay, I can barely think when I'm playing zero tables) so this was quite a challenge. I busted heads up on another so I just had one table of two and another table of three. I lost a race to come in third and got to concentrate on heads up. I built up a 3-1 chip lead there and blew it vs. a guy playing a very straightforward game.

But 4th 3rd 2nd and 2nd plus knockouts was enough points to win first prize in the Matrix pool, which payed the same as taking first at a table.

I think the payout was about $2.30, so minus my $1.25 buy-in, I made a buck-oh-five.

If you do well in these you will always end up with a bunch of tables that are down to a few players, and I don't really like the hectic feeling I get when I'm in that situation. So I probably won't play them again, but it was fun to try out something different.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Greatest American Farce

A coworker brought in his DVD set of the show "Greatest American Hero." I hadn't seen the show since it originally aired in the 80s. Upon seeing it again we noticed something that made the show totally unbelievable. The guy received a super hero suit from aliens. No problem. But a guy who teaches learning disabled kids getting a chick who's THAT hot and also a lawyer? Not believable.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gadget Junkie

I've developed a horrible gadget habit. One of my addictions is media players. I took a picture of the media players and storage devices I carry with me every day:

gadget junkie

I carry hundreds of gigs of music and video with me, almost at all times. This doesn't even include the laptop computer and various paperback books that live in that bag.

It started with that little white MP3 player at the bottom left. Then I needed something with more storage, and that one played video. Then I needed something that played video that was more portable. Then I wanted something that played video that had a larger screen.

It's as though I live in constant fear of not being entertained.

If you add this to my LED Flashlight addiction, I might need some kind of 12-step program. I promise to go as soon as I get back from the store looking at those EeePCs. And that 120GB Ipod Touch looks pretty cool, if only Apple products weren't all evil.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

GM Bailout

Yes, I'm a bad blogger. What can I say? A new expansion to World of Warcraft came out last Thursday. So if you wonder what I've been doing? You're correct! Playing SNGs on Full Tilt while I wait on the queues. It still amazes me how upset people get about poor play at a $2 SNG. TWO DOLLARS? Who is playing a $2 tournament and expecting to play vs Barry Greenstein? Jeezus.

Anyway, I've read many a blog about how bailing out the auto industry would be wrong and awful. They all read the same: the companies suck, the management is stupid and hasn't done a thing to improve themselves since the sixties.

Of course I am biased. I don't work for any of the US automotive industries, but I do depend on them for my IT job. If they go under, so do I.

Here's my admittedly biased perspective.

The management knows more about the auto industry than any blogger you read. They are not idiots, it's a tough job. The competition for the auto dollar is unimaginably intense. If you think you could do better within the constraints of the current market, well you're completely wrong.

The bailout isn't like the banking industry bailout, but it is needed for the exact same reason. The auto industry needs loans, not a handout. The banks got CASH. The reason they need it is because credit is FROZEN. There's no money to borrow out there. The auto industry needs working cash to survive until the market picks up and people start buying cars again. According to estimates that will be summer of 09 at the earliest and summer of 2010 at the latest. Since there is no credit to be had, the only thing automakers can do is borrow from the government.

This isn't unprecedented. The government gave the exact same style loans to Chrysler and the loans were paid back. The "bailout" was a big success. Yes Chrysler is in trouble again, but it is because the entire auto industry is in trouble.

Yes I said the ENTIRE INDUSTRY. The Japanese car makers are in trouble too, that's why they have ALREADY received bailouts from the Japanese government. Their auto industry is just as important to their economy as ours.

The comparisons to the US autoworker and foreign autoworkers are unfair. It's always a direct comparison, the UAW worker costs GM X dollars, the Japanese company worker gets much less. But Japan has national health care. GM pays for health care for its workers, so it's an apples and oranges comparison. Yes the US worker still makes a lot more, but the comparison needs to be leveled out a bit.

If you worked in the auto industry you would see that they have taken great leaps to try to become more competitive with automakers around the world. I see them EVERY DAY. Sure I don't agree with some of them, but you have to look at some, such as the turn over of health care to the union, saving GM over 4 billion dollars a year, as steps in the right direction. Even within the unions there are huge changes that make a ton of good sense. Maybe it's too late, but if you say they're not trying you're completely wrong.

Do I think the government should be in the business of bailing out the auto industry? No, not really. But since the government seems to be in the bailout business anyway, I definitely think that an industry that touches 4.5 million working people and over a million retirees should be included. Especially when all they need are loans. The US auto industry is NOT hopeless. There is a lot of money to be made in the industry, and abandoning these companies would be flushing that money down the toilet.

If the big three are forced to liquidate, estimates show that unemployment will be above 30%. With that many people out of work, I'd bet that those economic turn-around estimates would have to be changed from summer of 2010.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Finally, a Winner

The result we've all been waiting for....the DOUCHIEST WSOP WINNER PHOTO EVER CONTEST!


Thanks for capturing the moment Flipchip!

One Final FU

According to this, George W Bush and his right wing "we'll tell you what you can do with your own money in the privacy of your home" asshole administration want to give online poker players one final "FUCK YOU" before he leaves office.

The UIGEA is LAW people. It's not so easy to get a federal law overturned. It's not an executive order that can be banished with the wave of an Obama pen. Once the rules of enforcement are set, it will take a lot of money, effort and time to get them fixed. It's probably inevitable that they are eventually fixed, but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.

Monday, November 10, 2008


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If you're checking out some new or different poker rooms, Pokersite.org might be a place you can use to evaluate them how you like.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

To My Coworker

"Fifty Bucks little man. Put that shit in my hand. Nong nong nonga-nonga nong nong."

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Saturday, November 01, 2008


Suddenly a hundred links to my blog, (many of them very old posts, some of them new posts with very old links elsewhere on the page) get hit in my automated Google Blog Search.

Something is going on with the Juggernaut, but I have no idea what it is.