Saturday, December 31, 2005

Free Money To Play Poker

Happy New Year's Eve Everybody!!

I finally got wireless installed at my in-laws! It was half a struggle. I got wireless installed in the study with absolutely no problems, but it wouldn't reach to the upstairs computer room. I eventually got a wireless repeater and got it configured. So here I am, my last day in Florida, and I am finally online.

I hope everyone has a great new year coming. A special happy new year to GaryC and his crew. Sorry I missed your tourney the other night, I bet it was a blast.

Also a special happy new year to FeliciaLee who sat next to me at an Omaha table last night at Party Poker and didn't even know I was right in front of her. I think. I'm assuming her chat was off. I hope you and Glenn have a great year coming. You're due for one.

Special thanks to all the people who used my affilliate links in the last week! I hope you take the free money and wipe the floor with those folks at Party Poker and Titan Poker.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Poker Comic #54

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This may be my last post in a while, as I am traveling to Jacksonville Fl for Christmas with the In-Laws. Woohoo!

On the job front, I just heard about a very tempting opportunity in Austin Tx. It's not clear if they will require me to move there or if I can travel there for a year, but I need April to tell me about my chances of finding a poker game in Texas. It looks like a LONG drive to Shreveport!

See you after New Years! (Unless I set up wireless at the In-laws...then all bets are off!)

Thursday, December 22, 2005

I loves a good fight!

I have had many a disagreement on this blog. First there was the stripper. That one was epic. TraumaPoker and I had a bit of a tiff, but it seems to have worked itself out. He seems to have joined up with GaryC's mafia, as a lesser member maybe. Elvis Henry and I went around for a bit, but he seems to have come around a bit too. I learned his blog isn't very serious all the time, and He learned the same thing about this one. And then Zowie...well...that guy is just a fucking retard. Kaballah? Give me a break.

Anyway, I have had some big blowouts. Maybe I am quick to fight, but I don't want people to think if they disagree with me that I am going to start attacking them. I do have strong opinions, and I do enjoy defending them when they are questioned. BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN I DISLIKE PEOPLE WHO QUESTION ME.

I like to think my opinions are very well thought out and reasoned, but let's face it, many of them aren't. I don't mind it at all when someone makes me consider if my opinion is well reasoned or not. All I can say is that your opinion had better be well reasoned too, because you can be pretty sure I am going to make you think about it. HARD.

My arguments with Veneno are a perfect example. I kind of got on her case for defending SirWaffles when he goes on tilt. I love the waffle boy as much as anyone in bloggerdom, and I hate it when I see him lose control and go broke. Even if it is entertaining, and his descriptions are usually hilarious. So when Veneno thought I was kicking him when he was down, she stood up for him. She came to realize that I'm not a Waffle-Hater, especially when I stuck up for her when she was having a difficult time.

Just because I disagree with her on many issues, doesn't mean that I don't read her blog or respect her opinions. There's a huge difference between disagreeing with someone just to piss them off and disagreeing with someone because you honestly feel that they are in the wrong. Motivation really does matter.

So when my favorite friend from the land of Oz says he is worried about openly disagreeing with another's opinion (which probably isn't even mine) I think if the motivation comes from the right place, he doesn't have anything to worry about. Fire away! Just be prepared to defend yourself.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Poker Comic #53

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

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Monday, December 19, 2005

Why play poker?

I'm having trouble playing online poker. It's a motivation issue.

I started playing poker because it was "fun." Poker really isn't fun anymore. Unless folding 30 hands in a row is "fun."

It's a struggle. Fold, fold, fold, fold, this is fun? Bet, everyone folds, fold, fold, fold....repeat. I alleviate the problem by playing Omaha, but it's still pretty much fold, fold, fold.

You can't be a good player unless you have patience. If you try to force things to happen, you only force BAD things to happen.

You can play more hands if you play limit. So I switch to limit. If you are playing limit just so you can play more hands, you are going to lose. Limit and No Limit aren't THAT different.

I don't have a problem being patient when I am working on a bonus. Deep down I know that even when I am folding, I am winning, so folding suddenly becomes FUN!

So the solution to my problem is RAKEBACK. I don't have a lot of possibilities for rakeback anymore, since I have accounts at most card rooms already. But there is one that I've been holding in reserver, just in case I needed a rakeback outlet.

Ultimate Bet. I hear good things. There's even a freeroll for PSO customers coming up in January that I would be eligible for if I sign up through

I know there's some Ultimate Bet lovers out there, even some who read this blog. If someone can give me a pros/cons comment, I'd really appreciate it.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Off to the races

When the Oklahoma voters legalized poker and blackjack for indian casinos in November '04, the referendum also allowed the Racetracks to have some casino style gambling on their premises. So yesterday I scoped out the newly opened Remington Park Racetrack and Casino in Oklahoma City. The Casino is newly opened, the Racetrack as been there for a while.

Calling it a Casino is a bit of a stretch. It reminded me of the indian casinos before the legalized poker and blackjack. Nothing but slot machines, as far as the eye could see. They did have a small alley of machines called "Poker Alley" with some decent video poker games. Simulcast horse betting was available all over the place too, which is what makes this scheme particularly ingenious. Anyone that's been to the horse races or even an Off Track Betting site knows that the worst part is waiting for post time. It's just so damn boring. What's the best thing to do when you are bored? Feed those slot machines!

I registered for a slot club card, since I suddenly thought I was Grubby. You could accumulate points with slot and video poker play, and use those for valuable T-shirts and coffee mugs. 200 points could be exchanged for $5 off a buffet. They offered me $3 off the $8.95 buffet just for signing up, but I refused. They said I could ask any time and get my discount.

There were only two multi-hand poker machines and one multi-strike poker machine in the entire building, and the people at those games weren't budging. I played some "Hexbreaker" which is my favorite slot machine because everything about it is unlucky. You win by getting broken mirrors, spilled salt or black cats crossing your path. Walking under ladders and stepping on a crack are winners too. Even the max bet is 13 coins. THAT'S commitment to a theme. I got up about $20 and decided I was "unlucky" enough for then.

I was only there about 20 minutes, earned a total of ZERO points on my players club card, and took off. There needs to be some serious legislation changes before I go back, unless I am just after the buffet discount.

Thursday, December 15, 2005


I found myself in the odd position of being completely cashed out or busted out of every poker room I am a member which I am a member. Whatever. A preposition is a horrible word to end a sentence with. Winston Churchill said that. He's a laugh riot, that Winston.

Anyway, the only obvious reload bonus I had was Party Poker's 20% 10x bonus for "certain" players. I read the terms and found I had to play the hands by Jan 2nd or something so I would miss most of that time when I head for Jacksonville for Christmas with the wife's family. I might get to play there as one of my assigned tasks is to set up a wireless network for the father-in-law. He's an old phone company guy so he's been holding out for years and years for DSL, even though cable modems have been offered forever. But the phone company finally got their shit together and he is now a broadband user. My mother-in-law has a laptop and would LOVE to be able to wander, so my Xmas gift to them is a wireless network, among other things.

So I might be able to complete some hands over the holiday, but I can't count on that so I kept the deposit to a reasonable $250, leaving me 500 raked hands to complete.

I got a good start on the requirement last night, playing 125 hands of PLO. Wow, the PLO players at Party Poker are horrible. PLO is kind of pick-and-choose at most poker sites, with one or two tables at each level available, if that. Party Poker is the behemoth of fishy goodness. Dozens and dozens of tables at every level, and each one of them with it's designated moron who raises EVERY.SINGLE.HAND the pot limit. You just wait for a hand, nail him to the wall, watch him rebuy, and repeat. I haven't played on party poker in a while, but my fish finder (buddy list) is still humming. It astounds me how these players spew money like it's on fire for months and months, but never get any better. Seems like a logical impossibility that they haven't either gone totally broke or improved their game.

I took my PLO winnings to the Bad Beat Jackpot tables, and scored on some incredibly lucky QQ holding up in spite of an AK flop with 5 other players. Of course that same luck worked against me when my pair of aces beat JJ but lost to a flush on the river. Go ahead, call the cap with can't even win the jackpot with that hand, you donktard!

I basically spent the night enjoying the differences that Party Poker has to offer that no other place does. More table selection, more fishies, more options. I've kind of missed that in some of the smaller rooms I've been playing lately.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Poker Comic #52

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005


There has been a lot of talk about advertising in blogs lately. Some people think it's bad, some people think it's great, most people don't care. Some people are even afraid to give their opinions on the subject.

There are ads on this blog. But they're not simply advertisements. Every blogger has an opportunity to exchange space on his blog for money. Every ad you see here is an ENDORSEMENT. You can tell the difference. It's not like using adsense or something where someone else is deciding what you are advertising. Every ad you see here has been considered and reconsidered.

If you see an advertisement on this blog, it's because that advertiser is offering you a good deal, and I highly recommend them. I play at Full Tilt Poker. I think it's one of the highest quality poker experiences you will have on the Internet. All the Poker Source Online deals come with my highest recommendation. My relationship with PSO started LONG before this blog started. It's no secret that I think anyone who is NOT associated with PSO or another similar affiliate program is a total sucker. You are throwing money away, and I'm trying to stop you from doing that.

Another blogger has said that he will not read blogs with ads on them. He feels that a blog that accepts advertisements can't be objective. Of course that's silly. But it's more inisidious than that. He's saying that we are willing to SELL our opinions. This is actually a pretty large insult, since we obviously value our opinions enough to create a blog about them. But then you think we are willing to WHORE our opinions for a few lousy bucks? Screw you.

It is possible to have advertising and not surrender your integrity. It is possible to have advertising and still produce something of value. If someone chooses to boycott blogs just because they have ads on them, then he is only costing himself.

Monday, December 12, 2005


Sorry for neglecting this blog since last Wednesday. Thursday I headed up through the snow and the cold to Kansas City to beg for a job. There was no job to be had yet, but some very well intentioned high hopes. Things look very good, but dammit I want a commitment! Until then, I guess I need to keep my options open.

The Casino in Kansas City was a blast, because we had a little group at the poker tables, which is always fun. (Note: Intense jealousy towards all Vegas Bloger Attendees.) I finished a WHOPPING $9 up, while a friend, on his VERY FIRST LIVE POKER EXPERIENCE, finished up $270. Begginers luck seems to be very important in cups. I eventually started to stay out of any hand he decided to chainsaw his way through. Especially after he caught his gutshot on the river against my Queens and Jacks two pair.

My beats were not nearly as bad as KingLucky's, however. In one hand he has AK vs QQ and flops a king. Runner-runner queens slaughter him. On the very next hand he gets all in with K9 vs the same guy, but this time with AA. The money went in after a flop of K9 gives KingLucky the lead. Runner runner QQ AGAIN counterfeits him and gives his opponent the rest of his stack. Ouch.

I, of course, managed to stay even by fleecing the retards. On a kill pot I call with 33, only to have the "play any two" donkey after me raise. I call with half a dozen others, and flop my set of threes. I slow play the flop, calling the automatic $6 from the donkey. He bets the $12 on the turn and I check-raise him to $24. He calls and then calls my river bet. I show my set of threes, and he tries to muck, but accidentally flips AK unimproved. Unfortunately he announced that "the tide had turned" and left the table after other players "start getting lucky" against him. Wasn't I ahead the whole time? Oh I get it, when other players get better cards occasionally, they are "getting lucky."

Vegas Poker Pro

I want to thank the folks who did promotions through Vegas Poker Pro using my referral ID. I think I have credited you all with your $25 share of the referral, but if I missed anyone, please contact me via email. I know I took down the VPP banner, but anyone who clicked on in previously but haven't signed up yet will still get the $25 if they complete a promotion. If anyone else wants to I suggest using GaryC. He'll take care of you.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Poker Comic #51

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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Please Please PLEASE!

Please don't try to do the Free Money at Titan Poker or Free Money at Party Poker promotions if you already had an account at those rooms before or you're not at least 21. All it does is create a hassle for Poker Source Online and a hassle for you to as you won't get the free money. Plus it makes it harder on everyone else who is legitimately trying to get the deal.

Some commenters are posting that half or more of their referrals are fraudulent. I don't want to be the guy that directed all these people to PSO who are trying to commit fraud. I just want to pass on a great deal to some people who might be able to take advantage.

To those of you who have gotten the money legitimately, thanks for signing up! I know it's hard to get to the cashout point at Titan Poker, because you have to play a LOT of hands. The Party Poker one is certianly eaiser, but I know almost everyone has Party Poker accounts already, myself included.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Another week off

The basketball game Friday night was great. Mrs. Bogey and I drove to Bricktown, a nice little tourist district in the middle of OKC with a cool little riverwalk area. We found a place to park eventually, arriving just before gametime at a sold out arena. After running back to the car to retrieve the tickets (smooooth) we walked to the Ford Center and sat down seconds before the opening tip-off. The game was interesting, and we stayed to watch the 76ers miss a last second shot, giving the New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets an exciting victory. We took our time getting back to the car, so getting out of bricktown was simple and we were home in no time. The entire experience cost $5 for parking, and that's just because the guy at the office didn't give me the season ticket holder's parking pass.

Not much else happening on this week off of work. I had a week of vacation that needed to be taken or I would lose it, so here I am. I will be going to Kansas City at the end of the week, to explore work opportunities and go to the Casinos. Instead of getting there Saturday at Midnight and playing all day Sunday, this time we will be going Friday night at a reasonable hour and playing until Saturday morning. How late will probably be determined by the level of success. In other words, if I bust out early, I go home early.

Of course the home game at King Lucky's house is Saturday, so that should be fun as well. I have a lot to do around the house, and plenty of time for the online pokering, should the need arise.

Friday, December 02, 2005

New Orleans/Oklahoma City

I won't be playing in Wil's tournament tonight because I got free tickets to the New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets vs. Philadelphia Iversons 76ers game tonight. Is that not the longest name for an NBA Basketball team? P H I L A D....just kidding.

I've talked to a lot of people who absolutely HATE the fact that they added Oklahoma City to the end of the New Orleans. But none of them have a good solution either. Do you just call them the New Orleans Hornets and completely ignore the fact that they aren't playing in New Orleans? If that was how it worked, couldn't we still call them the Charlotte Hornets?

Nobody thinks that just calling them the Oklahoma City Hornets is a good idea. That looks too much like we are "stealing" their team in their time of need. You can't steal something that doesn't want to be there in the first place. Maybe we are "liberating" them from New Orleans.

Nobody liked my idea...I said call them the Utah Jazz. Plus nobody got the joke. Nobody remembers the New Orleans Jazz because nobody, and I mean NOBODY follows the NBA.

Anyway, my company (as long as I still work in this location) got season tickets to the Hornets games here in Oklahoma City. Today is my turn to use them. I guess I'm lucky I got tickets so early in the season, instead of April or sometime when there's no chance I'd be able to use them.

I still need some kind of side action to make the game interesting. Al? Any action from you on the Iversons? I don't suspect you are a fan, since I've never seen you mention them in print. At least not in a memorable way.

Free Money Requires Patience

Elvis Henry has decided to be a guinea pig and attempt the Free Money at Titan Poker deal from Instant Bankroll. Turns out it requires a little more patience than I previously thought.

When he signed up, he got the following message:

ATTENTION: Due to the overwhelming demand for Instant Bankroll's Free$75, we have put a limit of 15 accounts per day. Instant Bankroll reserves the right to change this limit at anytime along with any requirements associated with this offer.

Remember this is a brand new offer and they have to talk to each and every person that does it via telephone so they can verify their address and age. They don't have a lot of people manning the phones there, so they are limiting it to 15 people per day. I don't think you have to get up at 3am to be one of the 15, you just need to call in the morning rather than the evening. If you try for a few days, you should be fine.

I know a bunch of people who have tried it, and many have gotten the free money, so it is a legit deal. I hope a lot of people are not upset that the process isn't as easy as it could be, but when you offer free money over the internet, I guess you need to be VERY careful.

Good luck to everyone who tries these offers. Patience is a virtue, which you already know if you are a successful poker player.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Poker Comic #50


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