Friday, July 29, 2005

Better Look

The small picture of the T-shirt looks kind of crappy, so I'm trying to come up with a better way to show how good it looks. Here's a bigger view of the design.

big donkeys

Click on the picture and select "all sizes" from the menu if you want to see it even bigger. The suits are a really nice design, and should look good on a T-shirt.

The "zazzle" is put in to prevent people copying the image and won't appear on the T-shirt. The site is if you want to design your own.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Buy this shirt instead!

In spite of the difficulties with the shirt I ordered below, I still think this is a great idea. I have come up with the following shirt, inspired by the immortal Phil Hellmuth:

Donkeys always draw

These are available in the following colors:

Gold (pictured)
Light Blue
Stone Green

Cost is around $22 with shipping, but goes down if you buy multiples, even if they are different colors. You order it yourself, I just did the design.

If anyone else wants one, just send me an email. I'm getting one in Ash.

I thought I bought this shirt

I guess I only paid for it, but I never received it..

Did anyone else get their shirt?

I left a comment on his blog, but I guess he missed it...


Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Thinking About Fuh-Lee-See-Uh

DLK9S: Did the FEDEX guy wake you up when he rang the doorbell?
No, I've been up for half an hour, looking for the monkey that took a shit in my mouth...
Me in Vegas

Everyone send good thoughts to Felicia today.

I only got to talk to her for a little while when I was at the WSOP before I was urgently called away to a NL game, and she was really stressed out because Charlie had just died and she was trying to get ahold of people to tell them.

But this is my overall impression of Felicia. She worries a LOT more about other people's feelings than she does her own. The last thing in the world she'd want is sympathy, so I'm sending her empathy. Feel better. We all love you.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Every Blog Has It's Day

First a message for all the perverts who find my blog by searching for Shana Hiatt, or Shanna Hyatt, or Shawna Hyitt, or however else you can misspell that name that makes up for 70% of the searches that hit this blog.

From Richard Brodie's Site (along with his link to Amazon)

Now available on DVD: The original Shana Hiatt nude video "Playboy Presents the girls of Hawaiian Tropic." Shana Hiatt made this when she was barely legal and made the cover of Playboy for her work on it.

Warning: the Shana Hiatt segment is about as explicit as soft-core porn gets.

No links or way for me to make money off your desire to see Shana in all her glory, just a public service for all the pervs out there. And you know who you are.

How I read blogs

I used to read blogs by storing them in my favorites in Microsoft Internet Explorer in a folder called "Blogs." Not creative, but effective. I read ten or twelve, so it wasn't a big deal keeping track of them. I'd just open each one, one at a time, and read it. If it began sounding familiar or the date looked too old, I'd move on to the next one. This wasn't every day reading, just when I got bored with forums or whatever else I was reading.

One folder called "Blogs" held the ones I checked every day, another called "Blogs 2" (I know, very creative) held the ones I checked maybe once a week.

From there I switched to Mozilla Firefox. The only real difference there was you could open every page in the folder by clicking on "Open In Tabs." So I would open all the pages in tabs, and click off the tabs one by one as I read them or saw that they were old.

This started to get cumbersome. I like reading blogs in their native format, but would love it if they were aggregated into one big page for me to read.

Enter BlogLines. I don't even know where I heard of Bloglines, but I embraced it right away. I started adding blogs to Bloglines, until I got to where I am now, with around 40 blogs to read. Few of them are posted in every day, and it keeps track of who has new posts for you, so you don't spend all your time trying to figure out if you read this post before.

The problem with Bloglines is, on half the blogs I read Bloglines just gives me the first paragraph. So I have to open the blog and read it in it's native page. Which is nice sometimes, especially if there is some formatting or pictures that blogger doesn't pick up. But it beats checking each and every one every day to see if something is new, not including the ones I would check multiple times every day.

Every blog from "Blogs" got into Bloglines, but very few from "Blogs 2" made the cut.

I went through "Blogs 2" today and most of them have languished, but all of them are really complete crap. Most of them have a months old post that says "I know I haven't posted in a while, but I promise to start posting three times a week from now on..." and then nothing. Others have turned into linkfests where the blogger, who assumes he once had an audience, has put up a bunch of ads for rip-off sites, hoping to make a buck. How sad.

Is this how all blogs die?

Poker Comic #30


Monday, July 25, 2005

Poker Comic #29


Okie-Vegas rules

Okie-Vegas was a ton of fun.

I got to the T-bird around 4:00 and signed up for $3/$6 Limit, $1/$2NL, Got on the Omaha8 $4/$8 Interest list and started a new interest list for $4/$8 Limit Hold Em. After about a half hour I got called for $3/$6 Limit. Fifiteen minutes later I got called to $1/$2NL, but after watching 10 hands, every one with at least one all-in idiot, I decided to stay away, especially since I was already killing the $3/$6 game for $60.

Finally a $4/$8 Hold Em game formed, and I moved to the slowest forming game ever.

GaryC and Maudie showed up right about then, and Maudie waited for a seat at the $4/$8 game. The best way to get into these games is for someone to bust out. Which would have happened if we had played ANY HANDS. I only played one blind in an hour, with all the confusion, deck changes, dealer changes, chip runners and just general dealer slowness.

YES I am spoiled by playing online, just like everyone else, but this was ridiculous by slow Casino standards.

Finally Maudie got seated, and she talked Gary into sitting next to her. We jawed it up and had a great time, although I was as card dead as I have ever been in a Casino. Never saw a pair bigger than 9s the whole night. Never saw big slick even. AQ once got folded to me when I raised pre-flop, another time AQ go cracked by Maudie's 67o. The only two memorable payoffs were when I caught a Ten while holding AT and somehow top pair held up despite two callers to the river, and 45s flopped an open ended straight flush draw which I bet the whole way and connected....with a pair of 5s which was good enough even to beat the pre-flop raiser.

Maudie played well, mabye just the SLIGHTEST bit weak/tight. I'd like to see her play a bit more aggressive with her draws, but maybe that's just not her game. Gary was tough to read because he was as card dead as me. I did make a good read when he called a pre-flop raise to a flop of QJT. He took it down with his big slick.

Next Okie-Vegas outing will be at Lucky Star Casino in Concho. Any local Okies are welcome, as well as anyone else. Maudie talked about heading up to Tulsa to play at Cherokee Casino, and since they have a spa for Mrs. Bogey to enjoy, I am up for that as well.

In the meantime, I am KILLING the Poker Rewards promotion I am doing at Poker Source Online I have more than doubled my buy in, not including pending bonuses of $100 and $90 worth of PSO points. I've always done well in the Prima rooms, but either I am catching perfect cards lately, or the players are really bad. The tables seem extraordinarily tight for a change, frustrating me when I am looking for others to build pots for raked hands. But I have hit some big hands and made some really great reads on the few crazy raisers on there.

The bonus at Poker Rewards is 50% up to $200, although I only did half that much, since I crippled my Netteller account with my Vegas trip. If you don't want to do the promotion at Poker Source Online. (if you do it in July you get $90 worth of points instead of the standard $60), consider doing it through Poker on Film so you can play for free in Heafy's Honeymoon Tournament.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Okie-Vegas day, baby!

To those participating in Okie-Vegas - I have decided on the INCREDIBLY Cobalt Blue Hawaiian shirt...It's so gaudy I'm suprised you can't see it from where you are right now. The black hat is a dead giveaway, but I also have on blue jeans and blue suede shoes....Thankyouverymuch...

My costume is completed by my copper/brown shades, Sony wraparound headphones attached to my Rio Carbon Pearl MP3 player, and a Ten Dollar .999 Solid Silver Gaming Token from the Mirage casino with the likeness of Danny Gans on it for my card protector.

Just look for the guy dressed like a total poker tool.

Women in Poker

I've commented on a lot of blogs, especially Maudie's, that women's tournaments are a sham and an insult.

I don't have too much more to say about the subject that hasn't been eloquently stated by folks like Fred.

But here's the bottom line.

Folks that think women need their own tournament are saying that they honestly feel that women aren't as intelligent as men. That being born female is akin to being born with a learning disability.

Anyone that thinks that women are disadvantaged against men in a contest that pits absolutely NO OTHER ABILITY besides intelligence and creativity is saying EXACTLY that.

They are prejudiced. They are sexist. They are bigots. They deserve no more of our attention.

Being Recognized

I actually got recognized while playing at Poker Rewards. I was playing through my Poker Source Online bonus when someone at the table said "Only 490 more hands to complete my promotion."

I asked in chat "PSO" and he said "No".

I thought that was the end of it, but FOUR other people at the table said "I'm doing the PSO promotion." I told them I was DuggleBogey (my alias at Prima Sites is OklahomaDug) and three of them admitted to being blog readers.

One of them thought I also posted at the PSO forums as DLK9S. I figured out why he thought that. DLK9S has a quote from me in his signature that says "Min Raises Make The Baby Jesus Cry" and then has my name after it. So apparently this guy, and possibly some other folks, think I post there as DuggleBogey when I want to start trouble, and post as DLK9S when I want to post as a moderator.

It's such a good idea I wish it were true! I met DLK9S when I was in Vegas, and he's a really good guy. He did a fantastic job covering the WSOP for Poker News Daily and I was extremely jealous of him and his work.

Poker Rewards

Speaking of Poker Rewards, anyone that wants to join but doesn't want to go through Poker Source Online should consider joining to play in Heafy's tournament, called "Heafy's Honeymoon Classic".

It's a $20+2 tournament for bloggers and readers. He's not making any money on the tournament, but people can sign up as new players over at Poker Rewards using Heafy's Affiliate code and he will freeroll you into the tournament. Go to his blog at Poker on Film and get the details.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Anonymity is for PUSSIES

Wow, I have a lot of blog entries to catch up on. I've been reading constantly for three days, and I have still only gotten through about six blogs worth of posts.

But first, I want to thank everyone that has signed up under my referral ID at Poker Source Online. The referral money has been a real shock, and everyone has thanked me for getting them involved in a place that really helps poker players get something in return for playing poker online.

The real danger of PSO is the disappointing feeling you get when playing in Vegas. Where are the comps? Where are the bonuses? I WANT FREE SHIT!! All I can say is, load up on the free drinks.

Speaking of playing live, we have three players lined up for the Okie-Vegas experience. I will be wearing a Poker Source Online black baseball cap, and I will post friday on which incredibly garrish poker shirt I have decided on.

Maudie will be the only good-looking chick playing poker at a $4/$8 table. I know this because I know they don't have a lot of $4/$8 Tables, and I have seen the poker players at the T-Bird.

GaryC will have to give a description of what he is wearing or some other way to recognize him, or he will have to find us. This should not be hard, Maudie and I stick out like a sore thumb.

Pussy Bloggers

BG over at Random Thoughts and Thoroughbred Selections has an interesting idea. He calls it "Anonyblogging" and the title is "Stuff You Didn't Want To Post Yourself." While there are times that I probably SHOULD have posted stuff anonymously, I still think anyone who takes advantage of this, with the exception of posting something ILLEGAL, is a HUGE PUSSY. And if you use it to post something illegal, you're just plain stupid.

If you have something to say, have the balls to say it in your own blog. If you're afraid of what will happen, or that you might offend someone, then don't post it at all. This anonymous posting thing is half-assed. Either you're brave or you're not.

Bottom line is, if you don't have the character to withstand the repercussions of your words, then you don't really deserve to have those words published anywhere.

No offense BG, I'm sure you thought you were doing something nice. But your posts are so open, honest and unforgiving, I would think that you of all people would have no tolerance for people who won't stand behind what they say.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Notice to Okie Vegas-ers!

I will be playing at the Thunderbird Wild Wild West Casino this Friday!

I will be playing either $4/$8 Limit or NL (depending mostly on what I see at the NL tables.)

From what Maudie says there's been some changes to the ol Poker Room at the T-Bird, one being that you can now smoke at the tables. This sounds good to me. I'm not a big smoker, but I do occasionally like to smoke one after taking a bad beat. Like King Lucky says "I need a smoke after that sex."

Reminds me of one of my favorite jokes.

Lady to man: "Do you smoke after sex?"
Man: "I dunno, I never looked."

Speaking of KingLucky, he has been very active in the Online Pokering while I was out of town. After winning a satellite to the $350K guarantee tournament at Party Poker, they cancelled the tournament. He wanted his buy in refunded as he will be out of town when they re-scheduled the tournament. They would only give him a free entry into another tournament. I think the bulk of the confusion came from the fact that they thought he won a freeroll satellite, when he actually bought into the satellite. They finally gave him the $215 entry, but sufficiently pissed him off so that he withdrew every dime and went elsewhere.

Elsewhere was Paradise Poker. He was playing Sit N Go's there when he accidentally picked at $15+1 that was a satellite. He didn't even know it was a winner take all until he won the thing and the win banner said "Congratulations, you win an entry into a $150 tournament." So he plays the $150 tournament and takes 2nd place, netting $2900+...not bad for a tournament he never intended to play in the first place. He was so jazzed he went to the Casino and won another $1000.

I need more accidents like that.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

What is your favorite poker room?

Someone on the PSO Forum asked what your favorite online poker room is, and there were many answers, most of them stupid. I put a little thought into it, and I came up with this stupid response of my own.

I don't have a favorite, because they all suck.

Paradise is cool because of the way the players disappear in a cloud of smoke when you eliminate them from tournaments.

Party Poker will always have the most fish, but more fish equals more suckouts, so Party will always be suckout central. Party Poker's table selection will never be equalled until some other site generates 70 thousand users at one site.

Pacific is the only place that rivals Party with sheer ineptitude of fish. It is still astounding to me how easy it is to haul money out of that place.

Absolute has the best bonus/rakeback program on the internet. The software is the software. Everyone hates it at first and then gets accustomed to it. Eventually good players grow to like it, not because of it really, but because they can be a break even player and still make lots of money at Absolute.

Bodog and PokerRoom have really slick software packages. Those are the "coolest" places to play.

Full Tilt is fun because you can gawk at the celebrities. If they only had games going....

Prima rooms are great moneymakers...european fish tastes slightly different, doesn't it?

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Poker Vacation - TOTAL

Well, it was a nearly TOTAL poker vacation after all. I didn't play one hand in anger while I was away. I never got to a Jacksonville Poker Room. I was struggling against a cold the entire time I was there. It began to clear up just as I was leaving.

I did teach my in-laws how to play. My rewared was when my father-in-law cracked my pocket aces with his pocket deuces. Whee!

Amazingly, I got TWO separate offers for advertisements on this here blog! Who would want to advertise on this silly thing?

I was actually THINKING about trying to avoid the WSOP Main Event results (would be quite a challenge with all the blog reading I do) when I saw a WSOP Highlight (!) on ESPN Sportscenter that showed the winner. Ain't that something? Poker Highlights on a sports show. What a world.

My in-laws have digital cable. Every channel in existance, except for Travel Channel, apparently. But a search for keword "Poker" produced almost ROUND THE CLOCK results. I didn't play any poker, but I watched A TON. The Ultimate Poker Challenge is hilarious. Ordinary people playing poker. BADLY. It should be called "How to make poker the LEAST compelling thing on a sports channel." I thought these people had to win a tournament to get on TV? It looked like they pulled some of them off the street and told them what beats what. Ridiculous.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Poker Vacation

Now that I've recently finished my "Poker Vacation" which was nothing but eating, sleeping and mostly POKER, I am now taking a Vacation FROM poker.

Maybe not intentionally, but I haven't played a hand of poker in over a week, not since playing the incredibly juicy $2-6 Spread game at the Excal.

I almost moved some money from Neteller into a poker room and started another PSO promotion (PSO just added Noble Poker and Poker Rewards [a prima room, very juicy] to their eligible promotions, and I still haven't done anything with their UB promotion) but I am going to Jacksonville Florida for two weeks and I doubt I would get much playing time in. Since there is a time limit to these promotions, usually 60 days, I didn't want to cost myself two weeks of possible qualifying hand requirements time. Plus I don't know how things will be at work when I get back.

Of course I could have just thrown some money back into Party or Absolute and gotten some ring game or SNG action in. But whenever I thought about it, I found someone on IM or KingLucky would tell me about a tournament and I would sweat them instead. It's slightly less maddening to watch someone else get knocked out of a big multi when a donkey calls with Q3o. It's almost comforting to see that it happens to other people, until you start thinking that you're not only a sufferer, but a carrier of the "bad luck" virus.

I'm not sure what form the blog will take in the next two weeks while I'm out of town. Hopefully I will be able to come up with something creative for the comic and at least keep that going.

Maybe I will venture to one of the Jacksonville dog tracks that I hear spreads Hold Em games now. I'm not sure what limits they spread, I've heard they are restricted by law to only micro limit games, but I'm bringing my sunglasses just in case!

Friday, July 01, 2005