Wednesday, December 16, 2009


June 26, 2009 - Smoke filled back room.

Mark: Whew. I'm glad we finally got to close the book on that one.

Stan: You used Propofol? That is brilliant.

Mark: Blamed it on the doc. I knew it would work after we built up the oxygen tent story. Everybody believes that musicians are into drugs.

Stan: I thought we were never gonna get that guy. How could he still be so popular after all the work we did on him? I thought just accusing someone of being a child molester was enough to finish someone these days.

Mark: No kidding! You'd think that brainwashing all those kids to testify would turn the public against the guy so we wouldn't have to resort to this. I guess he just had more resources than we thought.

Stan: We couldn't afford another OJ. Look at all the work we had to do to take care of that one. Faking the robbery and hiring thugs to pretend to be his friends. Undercover work is too expensive and risky.

Mark: And that first failure will be a black mark on my record forever. No pun intended.

Stan: Well OJ was small time compared to this one. Football records and Rental Car commercials are one thing, this guy thought he could be the king of pop! We had to make sure the job was finished.

Mark: Well he's finished all right. What's next on the agenda? There's got to be another one of them that doesn't know his place.

Stan: Well that golfer's raking in way too much cash. That qualifies as 'uppity' if you ask me.

Mark: That boy's squeaky clean. What angle do we take?

Stan: We'll start with that sham of a marriage. He really thinks he can be married to one of us? We have a lot of women on the payroll right? So here's what we'll do...

Thursday, December 03, 2009