Tuesday, December 03, 2013

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Down under What?

I have never been to Australia, but the first time I heard the phrase “Down Under” a million thoughts went through the mind. In the mid-west though going down under usually means holding your breath while going down under water or something was dropped under the table so one goes down under to retrieve it. Little did I know that “Down Under” is used when referring to Australia?

Are the people down under in hiding? It is kind of humorous that all the people are actually upright and hiding under nothing. The phrase actually is referring to the equator around the Earth. It seems Australia is located down under the equator so for that reason the phrase was born. Guess it would make more sense to ask how things are down under then upright. 

Taking things a step farther Australians live in the Outback according to http://www.yesaustralia.com/estilo-indexing.htm. When we are looking for a good meal everyone goes to the Outback for a juicy steak. Nothing like a good restaurant where the family can enjoy some thick meat!

According to http://www.pokiesplanet.com true blue Aussies love going to the local pub, grab a schooner of the local beer (vb or xxxx) and throw some money on the pokies.

In Australia though they are referring to a coastal area where people are residing. It is said the air is very arid since there are so many deserts and little water. Always thought there was a lack of water in the desert. I mean according to movies walking in the desert makes a person start seeing bodies of water just appearing on the sand.

Australia people love to shop, but doesn’t just about everyone love shopping? It is said they are compulsive buyers when it is raining outside. I have heard when women are raining tears over something in their life there is nothing better then therapy shopping. They say it makes them feel better.

I wonder if the Aussie’s feel better after shopping since they cannot play on the beach when raining buckets. They must since it is said they are in credit card heaven until the debt comes rolling in.

Buying home in Australia is very easy and only requires a person be on their job for a mere six months. Maybe everyone should move there! In the mid-west the banks do not care if you have been on your job for 10 years, if bad credit is lingering in the air then the banks will not look at you twice let alone give you a mortgage payment.