Friday, August 19, 2005

Destruction, Part Deux

Al Can't Hang

Al is forever an entertainer. His life seems to be both an example for, and against, how a person should live his life. Amazingly he does both at the same time. My one criticism - what is with all the "Thrash Metal?" Thrash Metal wasn't good when it was popular, much less now that it's over. Trying to collect the best Thrash Metal songs is like trying to figure out what was your most enjoyable root canal.

Mean Gene

Another toughie. Gene puts out some pretty mean content. He waxes philosophical about the most mundane topics from cafeteria food to sports gambling. And I guess that's where I think he could do better....the sports gambling has a Pittsburgh slant that is sometimes interesting, but mostly not. Especially when it comes to hockey. When will people learn that nobody wants to WATCH hockey, much less read about someone else who watches hockey?


Grubby needs to stop....well....grubby needs to NEVER stop. While the LA actor/writer/theater stuff is not NEARLY as interesting as the vegas stuff, I wouldn't pass it up either. Seriously, I live vicariously through Grubby, and I suspect a lot of the rest of you do too. Except for slot tourneys. Does he ever win anything in them? Why don't they just pick numbers out of a hat, then have a footrace to take the centerpieces?

Tao of Poker

Pauly is the only blogger who has the balls to credit HIMSELF with being a top referrer to his site. Believe it or not, people who read Tao of Pauly ALSO read Tao of Poker! Who'da thunk it? Other than that, Pauly creates a near perfect blog. It has a wonderful balance of seediness and prurient content, along with serious poker meat. Add a heaping helping of fantastic writing, and you've got a web site that would be worth paying to read.

Chris Halverson

Professional Poker Player Chris Halverson - that joke's (jopke?) not getting old, is it? Actually it's not. Chris has a sense of humor about himself and his game that is conveyed perfectly by that nickname. One thing though--I don't read poker blogs to read about people's kids or their cats. Why is it that everyone with a kitten feels the need to tell us what they do while they are playing poker? Does it affect their hand selection or something? Actually I think Chris has only posted about cats once in his blog, but that's the only thing I can come up with.


When you blog about supplements and staying in shape, you might be missing your target audience by zillions of miles. This is a group of people who drink to excess, even when playing online. We sit in front of computer screens for HOURS and HOURS, so nothing that's available at the GNC store is going to help us and our ever widening asses. It's admirable for you to try though. We know you're in great shape. We're jealous. But we're not going to do anything about it.


My favorite LA blogger....where have you gone? Ever since he went down under he's been MIA. Who do we have to kill to get him a job at Full Tilt? Don't say Hank...

Nickle and Dimes

Drizztjd - See Professional Poker Player Chris Halverson's section about kids and cats. Always remember that unless you're talking to your children's grandparents, your children aren't as interesting or cute to us as they are to you. Especially if you are going to post pictures of them along with a guy puking over a bridge. This goes triple for cats.

Hella Hold Em

Remember what I said about blogging about your cat? Well it doesn't count for can post about dogs, because I love a point. I love MY dogs. You can talk about your dogs too much. It makes me wonder if Shelly ever has kids, we'll never hear about anything else. Hell, it almost happened to Paul Phillips blog. It's okay to post about LAS Vegas every day. Not so much your dog Vegas. And does Randy ever speak? I've read ABOUT him, but isn't he supposed to post once in a while?


Gary is just starting out, and everyone was really enthusiastic when they started out...then they level off into a good routine. For some the routine means NOTHING....they start off with such a flash that they burn out quickly. I'd hate to see Gary burn out, and it really doesn't look like he's going to because he's embraced the community so well. He could turn it down just a notch, but that really wouldn't be him.

The Rest

And as for the rest of bloggerdom, you all have WAY TOO MANY LINKS IN YOUR BLOGROLLS! Read your blogroll. If you can't say something positive to recommend each person in your roll, you should seriously think about remvoing the link. The shorter your list is, the more meaning each one has. You have to be pretty special to be in my blogroll. Do you make the people in your blogroll feel special?


GaryC said...

You could rip me to shreds and it wouldn't matter to me. I'm just thrilled to be recognized at all. I do appreciate it.

As for burn out, I don't think it will happen, at least I hope not.


Heafy said...

I could not agree with you more about the last comment - my blog roll is my reading list.

Drizztdj said...

My blogroll is just a shout-out to those I read on a daily basis.


Cats > Dogs

Shelly said...

Vegas is April's dog - I have only cats. I shall now post about them in your comments! Maverick and Goose were my first 2 cats - they're New Jersey imports, relocated to Chicago. Merlin came 3 years ago, and is the most photogenic of the bunch. A few weeks back, the fourth member of the family joined me when Randy moved in. His cat Fenway has no claws, but my guys all have claws, so we worry a bit about her. It's been OK so far, though!


I gave Randy some more shit for not posting. He thinks that I steal the show...

DuggleBogey said...

Fuck me for doing this from memory and confusing Shelly for April.

It was difficult for me to criticize Shelley at all, since she made the best comment than's ever been made at this blog...