Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Midwest Bloggers Unite!

I am officially announcing my Poker Plans for the weekend, if anyone (Hint: Maudie and GaryC) cares.

On Friday, KingLucky is driving down from Kansas City and we will be hitting the T-Bird on Friday night. No idea what game we will be playing, but odds favor $4/$8 Limit or $100NL. On saturday we are playing in a home tournament at 7:00 in Mustang, and then going to The Lucky Star Casino in Concho.

I expect to see Maudie Friday night, as that is her usual haunt. My guess is that we won't get to the Lucky Star until after 10:00pm so I'm not sure if Gary would want to make it out there.

But that's where we will be if anyone wants to meet KingLucky or take some more of my money by calling with 78o when I raise with AQs.


GaryC said...

I still like the idea of throwing in a few bets and turn the cards over and run em out.

I would love to make one or the other and don't really have any plans this weekend. I'll see if I can swing one of those nights for sure.

I'll get back with you.


Maudie said...

"calling with 78o when I raise with AQs."

It was my spidey-sense.....

Yes, you will probably see me Friday night. Bad news though - they've eliminated 4/8. They now have:

3/6 limit
3/6/12 limit
1/2 no-limit
2/5 no-limit
5/10 no-limit

But of course it could all change again... rumor has it they will be moving the poker room back to its original location... sigh

DuggleBogey said...


WTF is that?

Maudie said...

Spread limit
3 pf & flop
6 turn
12 river