Friday, August 26, 2005

T-Bird Tonight

I'm thinking of venturing down to the T-Bird tonight, if I can convince someone else to head down there with me....or maybe just if Maudie is going to be there...

I really want to take a crack at their $4/$8 O8 game...There seems to be a very specific group of guys who play in it, and they are real gambooolers. My O8 game may be too tight for that crowd, but as long as they are loosey-goosey enough, I might do okay.


GaryC said...

I have a call in to the "warden" about the T-Bird, but it doesn't look good. Daughter has a softball game tonight.

I would love to play the Omaha 8b game some time though. Have you played it down there yet?


Maudie said...

You'll probably see me there - I plan to go after work.