Thursday, August 18, 2005

Destructive Criticism

Okay, this is meant to be constructive criticism, but undoubtedly some will take it as otherwise. I might attempt to turn the looking glass on myself to see where my most annoying aspects are, but there are probably too many to get done in one lifetime. Anyway, here goes:

The Blogfather

Iggy's blog is the best, and everyone knows it. Nothing I say is going to change that. But one thing that bugs me is his constant frequent harping on how he should be making money from his blog. His point is valid of course, because any Internet site that has as much traffic as his deserves to make some dough, but his carping about it doesn't change the fact that he is simply a value-added aggregator. The added value is usually ALWAYS extremely high to the point of being priceless, but nevertheless his original content isn't very frequent. I probably wouldn't change a thing about his blog, and I don't mind the new ads and the banners he has added. I'd just like to hear less kvetching about it. Personally I think it's a guilt complex he has for wanting to make money at all from doing something he loves.

Poker on Film

Heafy does a fantastic job of representing what it's like being a poker player down under. In fact, the more down under material he shares, the better his blog gets. Maybe he doesn't realize how ignorant we Americans are about well.....anything that's more than 50 miles away from the spot where we are sitting. The wedding details aren't so fascinating, unless there is some major difference between American Weddings and Australian Weddings, which I doubt. The most amazing thing I learn about Australia is how similar Americans and Australians really are when you look deeply. That Pioneering Spirit with the possibly shameful past. It's positively glorious.

Poker Perspectives

It's hard for me to say anything bad about Maudie, because she's such a uniquely special person, especially when it comes to poker bloggers. Her unabashed love for everything Oklahoma is annoying, but only to me because I have to deal with it on a daily basis. It would be ridiculous for her to stop that, because she is very genuine about it. I just roll my eyes and read on. Maybe she's a little bit preachy? (Pot:Kettle - Hello?)

Double As

AAs is without a doubt the best NL poker blogger I have ever read. The most fascinating part of reading him is watching his progress...from low levels of NL to heights that make me, and everyone else who reads him it seems, absolutely dizzy. What I'd like to see from Aces is more of HIM. He did a fascinating series about what his bankroll represents to him that ended up being a unique view into the mind of an NL player. And all he was talking about was buying a television. The blogging world needs more of that.


Sir wiffle waffle is the easiest to criticize. He disappeared! I guess he quit playing, which might be a good idea considering the roller coaster ride his poker play was. It was fascinating to watch the highs and lows, but it was like watching "Titanic." As interesting as the subplots were, we knew it wasn't going to end well.


I'll tell you right now I'm not going to say anything bad about Fuh-lee-see-uh. Except that she's forsaken all of us for the O8 forum at 2+2. Please come back! There's no YOU in the O8 forums. Your blog is about YOU! Not some crappy town in Nebraska and the number after 7.

Life's A Grind

Tom simply doesn't post enough. I think his standards for post quality are WAY too high. If it's not a HUGE narrative story, he doesn't deem it postworthy. He needs to post more details BETWEEN the excellent stories and scenarios he presents occasionally.

Wow this is hard. I'm going to stop here and continue this tomorrow...


Maudie said...

"unabashed love for everything Oklahoma is annoying"

-- lol - if that were really true I'd be annoyed, too. I am Okie born and Okie bred, but I wouldn't say I love everything about the state 8^) - I have sort-of a love/hate relationship with it, to be truthful, heh.

And preachy? - aaannnnh, I'd say Im closer to a manic/depressive pollyanna - most times.... 8^)

DuggleBogey said...

manic is a good word for it. I wish I'd said manic...time to edit.

Felicia :) said...

I post a lot more on the LJ blog. Maybe you aren't logged in there and seeing the private posts?

At any rate, I was just about to post something totally OT on both blogs, but which can tie in to an LA blogger get together.

TY for pointing out that I, um, suck. Then again, we already knew that, right? ;)

Heafy said...

You're sick of hearing about my wedding? I'M sick of hearing about my wedding!

7 weeks to go!

doubleas said...

thanks...I think :)

jedihog said...

I think I'm glad that I'm not linked to Duggle's blog....the criticism would likely be too long for most to read ;)

Ignatious said...

excellent constructive criticism, i think you're right. i'll try to tone it down. :)

SirFWALGMan said...

At least let me know when your gonna bash me! Not really sure how that was "constructive" but ok.

I have not left. I did enjoy a little break. I think the jury is out on how I do as a poker player in the long term. Hell man it has only been a year! Sometimes it seems like alot more. I had a nice steady run for a year. Somehow I have lost my way. I actually think I have alot of good skills as a poker player, and alot of bad habits as a human being which interfere.

So anyway.. while I do not find the post to be constructive, it also does not bother me and has some truth to it. Good luck in your game. I hope to keep improving like anyone else. At least the Titanic was remembered forever.. lol.