Tuesday, August 16, 2005

It's Shana, not Shanna, and Hiatt, not Hyatt, you morons.

Sorry...the title is for my throng of search engine pervs.

After driving from Kansas City on Sunday I jumped into the Poker Source Online weekly freeroll at Absolute Poker. Absolute Freerolls are like slow death. The freerolls are particularly odd because of the payout schedule. $1500 prize pool is spread out among 45 players. Winner gets a measly $54, and 45th gets $25+. It's....well, it's pointless. With early work looming and scant hours of sleep so far that weekend, a 5 hour ordeal for $25 isn't what I was after. I busted early playing fast and loose. KingLucky amazingly sat at my table (after I predicted it!) but I resisted my urge to dump my chips to him and go to bed. Instead I dumped them to some moron flush chaser who caught. KL went on to win $25. $25 that Absolute won't let him cash out.

I'm thinking about my blogroll. A while earlier I did a post about each and every person in the roll, and I said what I like about their blogs and why I read them.

I don't trade links. If you want me to link you, put up some content I like to read. If you like what I rant about, then link me. Links should not be commerce. They should be endorsements. The only reason I have links on my blog is because I think those people do good work and if you want to read about poker, you should be reading these people.

That said, while I read every post in every blog I link, that doesn't mean that those folks don't do stuff that annoys me. So I think, if I get time this week, I am going to post what I DON'T like about the blogs in my roll. Hopefully it will generate some negative posts on this blog, because I hate the idea that I am annoying people but they are too nice to say anything. Hopefully it will get some people thinking about their blogs and maybe talk about some of the negative aspects of blogging.

Maybe it will just piss a whole bunch of people off. Either way, I'm good with it.


Chris Halverson said...

Sweet, I can't wait. Fire away, I can take it.

Heafy said...

You are truly the Don Rickles of the poker blogging world.

But seriously, how many times can you say "Too many bad beats stories"?

Donkeypuncher said...

Not Shahna with a silent H?

Drizztdj said...

I'll get the popcorn for this.