Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Full Tilt Poker Bonus Details

The word is that the Poker Source Online bonus from Full Tilt Poker is ridiculously easy to clear.

KingLucky finished his last night. He did the entire thing playing Sit N Go tournaments. He cleared the bonus in less than a week by playing a few SNGs a day. He started poorly, finishing out of the money in his first four tournaments, but ended up ahead. He thinks he had to adjust to the different structure at Full Tilt, I think it was just normal variance.

The structure is a bit different at Full Tilt. You start at 1500 chips compared to the 800 you start with at Party Poker. Prima rooms start you at 1000. The blinds at Full Tilt go up based on a timer, instead of hands played like most other rooms. But the blinds advance very slowly.

A typical SNG at Party will be over in 35-40 minutes, while Full Tilt SNGs rarely finish in less than an hour. Full Tilt even has breaks after the first hour of a SNG, although the players can elect to skip the break, as long as everyone pushes the skip break button.

With deep stacks and slow to advance blinds, you never feel the pressure that you do at Party Poker SNGs. There is less all-in fever. There seem to be fewer all-in fishies in the Full Tilt SNGs. In a large percentage of the low level SNGs at Party, there would be at least two people all in on the first hand. Several players would be eliminated before level three.

Such is not the case with Full Tilt SNGs. While there are certainly fish that play poorly with meaningless bets like doubling the blind before the flop and betting 60 chips into pots over 1000, there are fewer than you typically find at a Party Poker SNG.

If you are a SNG specialist, give the Poker Source Online Full Tilt Poker promotion a shot. And remember to use the referral code DuggleBogey!

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Mookstar said...

Great post, thanks for the heads up on the full tilt promotion. i typically play poker at ultimate bet or paradise but i'm gonna give these sng's a shot at full tilt. i'll let ya know how i make out in my new poker blog at