Tuesday, August 02, 2005

New Look

Spent some time screwing around with the blogger template yesterday....what do you think? The inverse of the T-shirt graphic looks pretty damn cool, doesn't it? If I had any talent at all I'd be able to figure out a way to keep the colors of the suits correct instead of green and white for red and black. Oh well...

Word is that the Full Tilt bonus is only difficult to work off at the low levels like $.50/$1.00. Unfortunately the bulk of PSO's customers like that level or lower, so I will likely hear a lot of complaining in the forums about that. Knowing myself (as only I do) I will be repeating over and over "Play at a higher level! If you were any good and not just a bonus whore you'd just make more money!" But no, they'd probably rather play a zillion hands for four bits as the big bet, then complain endlessly about the incredible suck-outs. Can there really be suck-outs at no-foldem-holdem? Why don't they just put $2.50 each in the pot and then just flip the hole cards and run em?

I shouldn't make fun of the micro limits, since I'm not that far removed from them. It's funny how $3/$6 live plays EXACTLY the same as $.50/$1.00 online. There are a few people at the table who will lay down a hand, but there's always a couple, maybe four, that are going to draw at anything, even if it's runner runner gutshot.

I got two emails this morning about poker. One was from PSO telling me I had been approved for my prize from Poker Rewards. I bought in for $200, Made $190 playing $1/$2 got $100 in bonus and $90 from PSO. I signed up exactly two weeks ago today.

The other was from The Gaming Club Poker saying they have deposited $15 in my account for no reason. Maybe the reason is I haven't played there in a year. $15 ain't much. I don't even know the T&Cs on the $15, I'm sure you can't cash it out without making some deposit or playing a certain number of hands at a certain level. Knowing TGC it's a bunch of levels. But $15 presents a challenge to me. I'll probably move my cash from Poker Rewards to Neteller today, leaving just the $15 to play with in TGC and the $23 I have at Absolute Poker to screw around with until it clears.

Then it's Full Tilt here I come!


GaryC said...


I love that idea. I think I'm going to suggest that next time we head to the T-Bird or Lucky Star. Why don't we all just throw 4 or 5 bets in the pot and turn up our hole cards and run em out.

That is absolutely hilarious and right on the money. 3-6 live is worse than .50/1.00 on-line.


Maudie said...

My current bankroll started with $15 at the Gaming Club. Not a single dime of my own money has been added since then... it can be done.

dlk9s said...

I did the same thing as Maudie.

Started about a year ago with $10 free at TGC and now have somewhere around $3000.

Ok, a lot of it is bonus whoring, but it's still cash money.