Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Oklahoma is OK!

Here's a little peek into what it's like living in Oklahoma. I'm driving into work today, around 6:15 AM, my normal time. Now, I'd think if you were awake at oh-six-fifteen you'd either be 1)Gainfully employed or 2) Still drunk. Maybe the radio station I was listening to in my Nissan Pathfinder was aiming at the "still drunk" crowd. I don't know what station it was, my wife usually drives it but she is taking the car I usually drive in for brake work. The display on the radio in the Pathfinder quit about a year ago. It's going on 11 years old so as long as we know how the buttons are programmed and we don't move, everything will be okay.

So the morning radio station that my wife listens to was having a little "trivia contest." The question was which President was the first to visit all 50 states while in office. You might be thinking to yourself, "tough question." Well, no because it was multiple choice. The choices? "Benjamin Franklin (!) Eli Whitney (!!) or Richard Nixon.

It took three callers.


Human Head said...

Heehee, sounds an awful lot like Kansas! God, I love the Midwest.

StudioGlyphic said...

Ha, that's great!

So... was it President Franklin or Whitney?