Tuesday, December 13, 2005


There has been a lot of talk about advertising in blogs lately. Some people think it's bad, some people think it's great, most people don't care. Some people are even afraid to give their opinions on the subject.

There are ads on this blog. But they're not simply advertisements. Every blogger has an opportunity to exchange space on his blog for money. Every ad you see here is an ENDORSEMENT. You can tell the difference. It's not like using adsense or something where someone else is deciding what you are advertising. Every ad you see here has been considered and reconsidered.

If you see an advertisement on this blog, it's because that advertiser is offering you a good deal, and I highly recommend them. I play at Full Tilt Poker. I think it's one of the highest quality poker experiences you will have on the Internet. All the Poker Source Online deals come with my highest recommendation. My relationship with PSO started LONG before this blog started. It's no secret that I think anyone who is NOT associated with PSO or another similar affiliate program is a total sucker. You are throwing money away, and I'm trying to stop you from doing that.

Another blogger has said that he will not read blogs with ads on them. He feels that a blog that accepts advertisements can't be objective. Of course that's silly. But it's more inisidious than that. He's saying that we are willing to SELL our opinions. This is actually a pretty large insult, since we obviously value our opinions enough to create a blog about them. But then you think we are willing to WHORE our opinions for a few lousy bucks? Screw you.

It is possible to have advertising and not surrender your integrity. It is possible to have advertising and still produce something of value. If someone chooses to boycott blogs just because they have ads on them, then he is only costing himself.

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Unknown said...

If I EVER put up an ad for AbsolutePoker please slap me over the head with a baseball bat.

Nothing wrong with put up endorsements for good products.