Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hoyt Corkins Robbed

What kind of neighbor is Hoyt Corkins?

From LasVegasVegas:

hoytWell known professional poker player Hoyt Corkins was the victim of a burglary at his Spanish Trails home in Las Vegas. The easy going Corkins had been away from his Vegas residence in the upscale gated Spanish Trails neighborhood for about a month when friends discovered the break-in and called him back to Las Vegas.

The crooks not only ransacked the residence but gathered up his trophies and poker memorabilia before leaving the scene. The poker goodies taken included a WPT bracelet and his two WSOP bracelets - 1992 $5K Pot Limit Omaha, 2007 $2.5K No-Limit Hold'em 6 Handed. The thief (s) also absconded with two cars, a motorcycle, electronics and more than $10K in cash. Corkins told Las Vegas Channel 8 News his losses were more than $100,000 and counting.

They also stole his identity by using his office phone to get a credit card in his name.

I know some of those gated communities are somewhat secluded, but come on! When I went to Florida for a week this summer I had a neighbor go by the house every couple of days and check the house and make sure everything is okay. You know, check to make sure nobody's turned on the hose, nobody's kicked in the door, broken any windows, whatever. It takes about two minutes, and my neighbors seem happy to do it. I do it for them when they're out of town. And I can guarantee you that you can't get $100,000 (and counting!) out of my house. Hell you'd be lucky to get five grand for everything in my house...I guess I'm not materialistic. Or I'm poor. Whatever.

Corkins is gone for a MONTH from a house that has a hundred grand worth of stuff in it and someone eventually discovers the place has been ransacked? I hope the details are wrong and all this happened the night before it was discovered or something. But right now the story makes it seem like the break-in was weeks ago and is just now discovered.

No alarm system is mentioned. Maybe it was circumvented? Who lives in a gated community then doesn't have an alarm system? Something really doesn't add up here. Is it just a case of someone who thinks something can never happen to them? Maybe it's just a worst case scenario. They forgot to set the alarm, unreliable neighbor didn't check very often, left the back door unlocked...something!

Anyway, I don't mean to kick poor Hoyt when he's down, but jeezus, it sounds like this could have been avoided multiples of ways that didn't happen.

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Unknown said...

I thought Hoyt aleays advertised that he lives on a farm in Alabama. Looks like he would have been better off there. Those yahoo's probably wouldn't know the gambling stuff was valuable.