Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gadget Junkie

I've developed a horrible gadget habit. One of my addictions is media players. I took a picture of the media players and storage devices I carry with me every day:

gadget junkie

I carry hundreds of gigs of music and video with me, almost at all times. This doesn't even include the laptop computer and various paperback books that live in that bag.

It started with that little white MP3 player at the bottom left. Then I needed something with more storage, and that one played video. Then I needed something that played video that was more portable. Then I wanted something that played video that had a larger screen.

It's as though I live in constant fear of not being entertained.

If you add this to my LED Flashlight addiction, I might need some kind of 12-step program. I promise to go as soon as I get back from the store looking at those EeePCs. And that 120GB Ipod Touch looks pretty cool, if only Apple products weren't all evil.


BrainMc said...

I love the Archos. I finally broke down and bought a 605 earlier with the DVR docking station. One of them wasn't working right so I sent them both back, but I still think about getting another one. For someone like me that is not very computer savvy, I think it is the best for getting any video on a portable device. I also tried a Philips device that had the recording function built in, but it kept locking up and I had to send it back as well. For now, I have to use a DVD burner hooked up to my DirecTv Tivo and then watch them at lunch on my portable DVD player.

Jordan said...

I think it's very interesting when you mentioned that you have some sort of compulsive need to always have entertainment with you. I have the same problem, albeit to a different extent. I don't have the multitude of devices, but I always have my iPod with me and several books. Any spare time must be occupied by entertainment of some sort. It's practically an affliction, if not for the fact that it's largely harmless.