Saturday, December 06, 2008


I'm a big fan of firearm ownership. I'm a handgun owner myself. Everyone who wants to be should be a responsible gun owner.

gun safety

There's only two reasons I can think of to carry a handgun into a public place. One is to protect yourself, the other is to protect your stuff.

Plaxico Burress decided to carry an unregistered handgun into a nightclub, so theoretically he wanted to protect himself or protect his stuff. Maybe he was wearing a lot of expensive jewelry, and wanted to protect that stuff.

But I doubt the jewelry or whatever he might be protecting was worth more than the $25 million he's likely to lose from getting caught carrying an unregistered handgun into a New York nightclub. So that reason is pretty illogical.

The second reason, to protect himself might be the reason, except for one thing. HE SHOT HIMSELF. So he didn't exactly keep himself SAFER by carrying the weapon. So that reason seems pretty illogical too.

Wait! I just thought of a third reason. To be perceived as "cool." Well, the entire sports following world is now calling him an idiot, so if that was his intention, it was pretty unsuccessful.


Unknown said...

His excuse is going to be a teammate of his got robbed at gunpoint two days earlier. Let's see, 25 mil vs. a gold neckless? A tough decision for a college grad huh.

Mollie said...

I loved this story - the one in the news about the idiot shooting himself, and your blog post.

Glad to know that having a talent and making ridiculous gobs of money still doesn't exempt you from being a moron =)