Saturday, March 17, 2012

Strip Club


 I have never been to a strip club.

I never really thought that was unusual until I asked around, and I daresay I've never met another man my age or younger who has never been to a strip club at least once. Even my most religious friends have a story, usually about a friend that dragged them there or a bachelor party they were compelled to attend.

I certainly don't have any moral objection to strip clubs. If guys want to spend their money there and they think it's worthwhile, good for them. I like boobs as much as any guy (perhaps even more) so I certainly understand the attraction. I absolutely do not think I have any moral superiority because I have never been. I don't really have the ability to suspend disbelief enough to be turned on by a woman that's primarily interested in my wallet. Some guys say that's all women, but I respectfully disagree.

I really think I just missed my opportunity. When I was young and horny (as opposed to old and horny like now) I probably would not have avoided going to see naked women. But I didn't really hang out with "strip club" guys. I hung out with "Dungeons and Dragons" guys. And there was nothing hipster cool about being a D&D nerd in the 80s.

I did go to a porno store in Washington DC once that had those booths where you put money in and girls danced behind glass. I was dragged there by some friends! There may have been a bachelor party involved! I would say I've never been more uncomfortable in my life. I didn't go into the booths, I just browsed the dildos on the shelves from afar and high tailed it out of there.

So basically the reason I never went to a strip club is that I was never invited to go to one. Nothing dramatic. More likely pathetic.


Josie said...

I cordially invite you to go to one with me. I'll even bring the dollar bills. :)

Carmel said...

Josie, I want to take you to the gay club. Strip clubs are weak.
I love m the gay club.

Josie said...

Oooo I haven't been to a gay club in over a decade!

Rob said...

Interesting thoughts, DB. I went ahead and added this link to my collection of links on my site, even tho this is more of a "non-Stripper" week story!

But I thought you made an interesting comment here: "I don't really have the ability to suspend disbelief enough to be turned on by a woman that's primarily interested in my wallet."

Ok, can't speak for anyone else, but that is not at all the reason I would go to a strip club. I couldn't care less what the woman was interested in, and I didn't expect her to be interested in me for any other reason than I helped put food on her table by being a customer.

All I went there for was to see naked women. Good looking, naked women, live and up close. Because really, there is NOTHING else like a good looking, naked woman.

For me, it's like the old joke, "Why do you rob banks?--Cause that's where the money is." Strip clubs were where the good looking, naked women are.

Of course this was before lap danceds and I've never had one of those, nor do I find the idea appealing. So that may change the motivation.

But it was never necessary for me to suspend disbelief because her attraction to me was never an issue.

grrouchie said...

I miss D&D

lightning36 said...

I have always found that talking about going to a strip club (or as my good friend calls them, "tittie bars") is more fun and exciting than actually going there. They get old after ten minutes.