Friday, July 06, 2012

Number One

Someone asked me the other day if I still blog. I quickly told him that "blog" is a noun, not a verb! One does not "blog." One posts on a blog. One who posts on a blog is known as a "blogger."

Anyway, when I stopped being a grammar douchebag, I thought about it. I don't know why I'm not blogging. I used to think I wasn't blogging as much because Twitter was filling the void of saying snarky things on the internet. But they recently blocked Twitter here at work. Yes I have access to the firewall (the CIO's account is WIDE OPEN) and I could unblock it for myself, but since any admin can go in and see who has what access, I don't need said CIO going in and asking "why the fuck does Duggle think he needs Twitter?"

So now I'm not tweeting, and i'm not posting to my blog, what am I doing?

Answer? Nothing!


Rob said...

Sorry to tell you this, Duggle, but your assertion that "blog" is not a verb is wrong. I have been blogging for some time, and when ever I do a new post, I blog. It has been an acceptable verb for some time.

See my source below, the online dictionary.

Instead of doing nothing, you should be BLOGGING. You should in fact blog again to respond to my correction. You can blog about poker. You can blog about your life. You can blog about any freaking thing you like.

But please blog.

grrouchie said...

I left a blog in the toilet.
Who cares what you do as long as you do it piss poorly but claim you are an expert.