Thursday, August 02, 2012


I love my coworkers with all my heart. I really really do. But sometimes they say things I just cannot fathom.

I was reading a story online about Mitt Romney's IRA account, mentioning that I've read stories that explain how it's possible to have over a hundred million dollars in the account that you are legally prohibited from putting more than six thousand dollars a year into, but I still suspect something shady must have gone on. And my coworker asked "well, how many years has he been contributing?"

$100,000,000 divided by $6,000 equals 16,666 years. Maybe he started working really really young.

At lunch today, while telling me that the best movie he's ever seen is "Transformers 2" another coworker asked me "What's 'Citizen Kane,' is that the black-and-white movie that's supposed to be about the holocaust?"

After explaining that he's talking about 'Schindler's List' and asking him about other Stephen Spielberg movies he said 'Saving Private Ryan' was not very good and 'Jaws' sucked, but if they remade it today with decent effects, it would be a lot better. "They could show from inside the shark, ripping a guy into pieces." Yes, that's exactly what 'Jaws' was missing.

The subject of 'Citizen Kane' came up because they wanted to know what was considered the best movie ever made, and I told them that a lot of people feel like 'The Godfather' was the best movie ever made. Neither of them had seen it, but one of them said "If they do a remake with modern effects, I'll probably watch that."

My coworkers usually spend lunch time with their faces buried in their smart phones. Via this we found out that 'Transformers 4' was going to happen, but they were both disappointed that Shia Labeouf was not going to be involved. When we were discussing what films they thought were good movies and why, the word 'story' was never involved. The acronyms CGI and ILM were constant, however.

I'm beginning to understand why new movies aren't quite as good as I expect them to be. I'm not the desired audience, and the desired audience doesn't want what I want. At all.


lightning36 said...

Fun time at The Dank last night. You know you are playing well when MiamiDon starts whining about your play ("That's just a lightning donk-shove" and "nice catch").

Josie said...

Stop taking my chips!

JT88Keys said...

You can directly rollover money from a qualified 401k into an IRA to maintain its qualified pretax status until you reach retirement age. I don't believe there is any limit to the amount you can rollover. I'm betting he had a pretty sizable qualified pension account from one or more of those corporate jobs he held to seed that IRA.

Josie said...

True JT but one is only allowed to defer up to $20,500 to his 401k. Even with a company match we aren't in the 100mill realm. I suppose a juicy pension is another matter.

crafty said...

I once had to convince a coworker that Hogan's Heroes had nothing to do with wrestling.