Friday, December 14, 2007


I have been doing a lot of reading and not posting.

When I have been posting, I haven't been linking.

I try to make up for it once in a while, by linking everyone that I read in my rss reader. Here's the list.

I was a bit struck as I was putting the list together because of how many of the blogs I haven't heard from in a long long time. Most of them I don't delete because I don't want to risk missing something new, or their annual post or something.

1st Rule Of Poker
2 Hole Cards
A moment with
Ace-Queen offsuit
Adventures of the Pokersluts
Annals of a Fish Hunter
Another poker blog
Back-Alley Mugging By Bloody P
Bad Beat Blog
BadBlood plays Poker
Beer City Poker
Betting for Value
betty underground
Big Slick Nuts Poker
Biggestron Writes Poker
Bill's Poker Blog
Casino Ownage
Cheap Thrills
Check. Raise. Bluff
Chicks Dig Poker Geeks
Chris Halverson's Poker Blog
Compromising Anonymity
Confessions of an amateur poker player
Creativity breeds Madness
Dead Money = AlCantHang
Dear Poker Diary
Decker's Journal
Die is Cast: Thoughts on a World of Chance
Dnasty13's Poker Blog
Drawing Dead
Drop the Hammer
Drowned at the River
Dumbasses Trump All
Everything in Moderation - Including Moderation
Exploits of a PokerTart
Fat Dan the Fat Fish
Fish and Chips
Flights of Iakaris
Fred Bals' Blog aka fhb
Garthmeister J.'s Disco Finery
Gene Bromberg
Golf + Poker
Grind or Gamble
Hammer Player's Poker Blog
Hella Hold'em
High on Poker
Human Head Thinks Big
Huntsvegas Poker
Infant Days Sleepless Nights
Jacks R OK
JediHog's Poker Musings
Katitude does poker
Las Vegas and Poker Blog
Life of a Poker Player
Life's A Grind
Lion Tales
Littleacornman's poker n life blog
Loathing (& Loving) Poker
Love Elf"
Low Limit Grinder
Mean Gene
Meek's Poker Bank Roll
Mookie's Blog
Murph's Musings
My Little Poker Blog
Never Play Cards With a Man Called Doc
Online Poker Thoughts
Party Poker Blogs
Pathetic Poker Play
Paul Phillips
Poker Cheapskate
Poker Girl In Vegas
Poker Grub
Poker Nation
Poker News |
Poker On Film
Poker Perspectives
Poker Poison
Poker Princess
Poker Roadtrip
Poker Roadtrip
Poker Source Online
Poker Twitch
Poker with WillWonka
Pokerama-rama - The Professional Poker Blog
Pot Committed
Pure Chokage
random thoughts and thoroughbred selections
Rapid Eye Reality
Res Ipsa Poker
Riding the F Train
Rye and Poker
slb159 poker
Sloe Times
Sound of a Suckout
Steal The Blinds - Online Poker Blog
Tao of Pauly
Tao of Poker
The Bad Beat BBQ
The Cards Speak - A Poker Blog
The Commish's Desk
The Grind
The Obituarium
The PokerShark's Cardroom
The Randomness of Hoff
The Slag Pile
The SNG Machine
The Surly Poker Gnome
This Is Not A Poker Blog
Twenty-One Outs
Weak Player's Poker Blog
While drinking, I
whiskeytown's downtown
Wolves Can Shuffle Cards


Heavy Critters said...


Thanks for the continued linkage, even tho my posts have been sparse of late.

I'm a little in love with you now.

Betty Underground said...

Thanks for the linkage!

Dantana said...

blog-feelings hurt!

BWoP said...

Thanks for the linkage. I will have to get you linked up on my site too!