Thursday, December 20, 2007

Poker Advice

Don't try to give poker advice. It will not be welcomed.

Here's an example.

Waffles hits 2 pair on the turn with 32s. He jams something like 12 bucks into a $2 pot and the opponent with top pair hits a better two pair on the river and Waffles, as always, is crying that he has the worst luck in the universe.

I give some very well meaning advice that when you have a vulnerable hand it's sometimes better to try to control the pot rather than JAM and hope for the best.

He calls me a HUGE MORON and then all the people that love to tongue his asshole come into his comments and call me names.

I guess I play like a total nit. I just don't think 2 pair is a monster hand worth jamming six times the size of the pot. Especially when it's the weakest possible two pair you can have.

Waffles EXPLODES that if you don't agree that he's a FUCKING GENIUS for getting his money in as an 80% favorite then you are A RETARD. As if bottom two pair is ALWAYS an 80% favorite, because his opponents always play their cards FACE UP! What if your opponent had a set, genius? Then you're just a fucking tool.

Yes, you got unlucky. But lots of players realize that they might not always be ahead with bottom two pair, and keeping the pot under control is THE RIGHT PLAY here.

But as we all know, "control" has nothing to do with Waffles' game.


See if you can spot the irony in this part of Waffles' rant:

If anyone wants to argue that point feel free because your a fucking idiot.
Oh Waffles. You are such a joy to read. We treasure you.


Micah Seymour said...

That's not irony. That's self-pwnage.

I probably would've made the play Waffles made, but I see your point.

SirFWALGMan said...

Being totally serious right now I appreciate what you are saying but I have CONFIDENCE in my game and read. I was not surprised at all with what he turned over. I am rarely surprised because I actually do have decent ability to put people on hands.

If I had any doubt I had him beat I would not have jammed the pot. If I did not feel I had a solid read on him I fold.

Your argument seems like you only play level 1 poker, never try and put people on hands, and only commit with the nuts. I have more respect for your game than that and I suggest this is not the truth.

DuggleBogey said...

Being honest with you I think that the dollar amounts is what affected your play in this hand.

If you were playing $100 poker and the pot was $20 you would not have jammed $100 to try and win $20 with bottom two pair.

You would have raised a normal amount, probably the size of the pot and he would have called. When the board paired on the river you would have known your hand was shit and you would have folded.

Unknown said...

Trying to read a player on the 'net is just bad cards. If he was playing at a real table, then I would agree that reading a player is the proper play. You CANNOT put players on hands on line.

Also, your point about dollar amounts is the real message. How you play in big money games should be the same play at all tables.

Jordan said...

As soon as pokerguy2200 said that you cannot put players on hands online, everything else he typed just read as WAWAWAWAWA like the teacher in Charlie Brown. You can and SHOULD analyze what your opponents might have. Here's a thought though. If Woffles did have two pair, isn't it smart for him to try to win the pot right away and prevent the board from pairing, thus negating his 2-pair. Maybe pushing was too much. Perhaps a raise of 2x the pot, since it was a small pot, would be preferred. I have a feeling though that the other guy would've pushed anyway and we'd all be back at the same spot.

PS- Please restore your full RSS feed. Please?

DuggleBogey said...

I dislike the logic of "if Waffles had two pairs, then he should have taken the pot down right there."

Why do you need two pair to take the pot down? You can make that move with air if you think your opponent will lay it down.

SirFWALGMan said...

The whole point I hate about this hand is your assertion that you do not want to get all your chips in on the turn as a HUGE favorite. It is mind boggling. That is what poker is all about. Maximizing your equity when your way ahead. If I make that same move 5 times I am up 4 buyins and lose 1 buyin. How is that wrong?
I totally get your point "he might have a set".. my read said he did not. He also could have a gun and my address but that also is not going to scare me from putting my chips in.

Pokerguy2200 comment is dumber than anything you have said though in my opinion. If you can not put a guy on a hand online then do not play. By observing your opponents and watching betting patterns and being observant you absolutely can put someone on a solid range or even an exact two cards. Good players do it all the time.

DuggleBogey said...

And my whole point is that since you can't really KNOW you are a HUGE favorite and your hand is so vulnerable that it would have been OBVIOUS that you were beat when the river hit, that it wouldn't have hurt you to see another card with some money still in your stack.

TripJax said...

That's gold, pokerguy2200, gold!