Monday, June 09, 2008

Nothing Really...

This guy Who thought he could win $10,000 at $25NL in 30 days quit, after only winning around $3K halfway there. One of his conclusions is that people at NL25 adjusted to him. It's tempting to think that the other online players know who you are and keep track of you, but at that level it might be foolish. This is twenty-five cent poker. I know there are people out there who track and examine 25-cent poker to death, but eventually they realize that all that work is pointless at such a low level. If they're still doing it at such small stakes, they're fairly clueless, aren't they?


I saw something I've never seen before while driving home last week. I like to take the back roads because it's generally more pleasant and I get better mileage at the slower speeds. There are a lot of farms and ranches on that route and I passed a guy riding towards me on a horse while talking on his cell phone. Never saw that before.


The car I usually drive to work is getting some work done (old cars = more maintenance) so I'm without my beloved XM Radio for most of last week and this week. The ultra-right wing Tennessee talk radio is beating the Senate up over the global-warming bill that was debated last week. It got killed on Friday but they're still ranting and raving over it this morning. This bill never had a shot. Even if it passed the senate which was unlikely, it would go to the house which would be an impossibility. If that impossibity happened, then the President promised to Veto it.

So why cover it on talk radio for a week and a half? Because the nutjobs have such a small opportunity to be correct, they have to hold on to one like it's GOLD. The left uses "global warming" to keep people afraid just like the right uses the threat of terrorism. They're both just ways to make you give up money and more power to the government. Both sides use anecdotal evidence to back up their claims. Politicians LOVE anecdotal evidence.


Vote for Bob Barr folks. We need to build a third party that actually thinks the people have a say in how their country is run. The left wants the politicians to have all the power, the right wants the rich and the corporations to have it all. The Libertarians want you to have it. Actually, we need to build a third party of ANY KIND. We need more choice.

Yes, Bob Barr won't win. But a legitimate third party has to build gradually. This is how it happens. Stop voting for the lesser of evils, like you have for your whole life. Vote to build something for the future. There should be more disenfranchised people this year than ever before. The right hates McCain. The Hillary lovers hate Obama. Wouldn't it be great if they all voted somewhere else than the default?

I'll be voting for Barr, since I actually can. The Libertarians weren't even allowed on the ticket in Oklahoma. They won't be this year either, in all likelihood. If enough people vote for Barr this year, maybe places like Oklahoma will have to start putting a third choice on the ballot in the future. Eventually maybe someone will have a choice between something other than big government, big business or both.


This post is BRUTAL. I was always really interested in BG and CJ's handicapping skills, especially in their Pick-6 prognostications. I regretted not participating, even after I found out they lost, I wish I had been part of the fun. After this, maybe I'm not as interested in the future. His pick for first came in last, his pick for last came in first. If you can qualify wrongness, this was the wrongest.


Pokerwolf said...

Politicians LOVE anecdotal evidence.

If they don't have any evidence, they'll make stuff up that sounds and looks like evidence.

That's why you're hearing all about "Climate Change" instead of "Global Warming" these days because the Earth has cooled off in the last decade. Same shit, different name.

BrainMc said...

I am voting for Barr for the same reason. He has no chance at all for the win, but I want to help build the numbers for the party to gain strength and be a viable alternative to the current 2 party system.

StB said...

Go and vote for Barr. If Jesse Ventura can get elected in MN, nothing says Barr cannot win a couple of states.