Thursday, July 10, 2008

It's 3:23AM

It's 3:23AM and I'm still up because I'm following Iggy's chipstack via Dr. Pauly. It's almost like a sickness.

I'm supposed to drive clear across Jacksonville tomorrow with the family. I wonder if they'll get upset if I let someone else drive and pass out in the car on the way?

It may not happen anyway as Mrs. Bogey has had some kind of violent allergic reaction to something. rash and hives all over her body. As we are on Vacation and nowhere near our preferred medical system, I took her to a Urgent Care. They turned us away because she didn't have her ID. She lost it somewhere. My ID and about 20 other non-picture IDs weren't good enough. No ID no health care. Good thing it wasn't serious. I suppose I could have been pretending someone else was my wife just to get them on my medical insurance fraudulently. Seems like they were being very cavalier about someone with a health crisis going on. Especially when we offered to pay cash - screw the insurance. Still no-go. They sent us down the road.

I found another Doc-in-the-Box inside a Wal-Mart and the girl at the counter was brand new and not bright enough to know that you had to have ID to get health care there. She accepted my ID and insurance information. The doc there was amazing. She prescribed a $4 generic steroid, gave us a $4 solution for the inevitable stomach upset caused by the steroid, and for the itching and rash? Windex. No shit! Amazingly, the Windex worked. Benadryl spray at $10 per ounce? No good. Windex at $10 a gallon? Totally effective. The father from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" was right. I wonder if I'm the first husband to douse his wife with Windex in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart?

Mrs. Bogey just wandered through and reports that something must be working because the hives are all gone and she woke up itch free. Looks like we may be traveling tomorrow after all.

Well, it's past 2:30 now....should I stay up and click refresh on Tao of Poker a few more hundred times? Maybe another $3.50 Super Turbo SNG at Full Tilt. 300 starting stacks and 3 minute blinds. They're like crack cocaine you know...

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jremotigue said...

Dude, I know what you mean about refreshing the Tao yesterday. I had that and Twitter on constant refresh.

Glad the Mrs is doing better!