Monday, July 28, 2008


Rest in Peace, The Poker Comic.

I really ran out of steam when I quit playing poker obsessively. Maybe it's that there's nowhere to play live around here. I haven't played in a Casino since Vegas, and I haven't played in a home game since last year. No poker = no inspiration.

Besides, it would never be as funny or satirical as The Melted Felt. Go there for some seriously funny (get it? seriously funny? fuck you that's gold) poker comedy.


Fuel55 said...

Tears ....

Dave said...

Everything we do has a timeline. Nothing really lasts forever anymore. Just wanted to say I enjoyed reading your comics over the last couple years. Thanks for all the smirks, gaffs and LOLs.

jjok said...

sounds of taps for weird looking comic dudes.

Dantana said...

open to a "make your own Dugglebogey" blank template?

(being kinda serious)

loved your stuff -- was always worth the groan. thanks for letting me share with others.

Mark said...

Hey, Sad to hear that the poker comic is gone... maybe a christmas special on the cards??

Anyway - thanks for the shout for MF... if you ever fancy doing a guest comic spot we would be honoured to post it.