Friday, October 21, 2005

Being famous must be nice

The best thing about being a blogger is the fame you get. Granted it's the smallest increment of fame you can get, but when someone says "I read your blog" it really feels good. It's even better when someone reads your blog and gives you something for free. It's rare, but it does happen.

But if you're Famous Movie Director Kevin Smith and you blog about playing poker all the time, you get this:

Yes, that's a custom made poker table based on the movie "Chasing Amy," Smith's third and most critically acclaimed movie. The movie's main character is named Holden McNeil, so some dedicated fan built a poker table for him based on the theme "Hold Em McNeil."

Sheesh! It's like Roseanne said back when she was funny, "When I was poor, nobody gave me shit. Now that I'm a millionaire, everything is free!"


GaryC said...

I think we need a little something like that for Okie-Vegas, don't you think?

BTW, I locked up our spot for the Saturday night tourney in June. We won't have to furnish anything for that tourney, they have it all.


TraumaPoker said...

Glad to know you still stop by to take a glance at my blog. For the record I still come and look at your comics, I never had a problem with those. I guess I am a walking contradiction now, just like that Green Day song. For the record I have not played the .01/.02 games yet, I just sweated SIRFWALGMAN in a MTT and chatted it up a little. :)

DuggleBogey said...

I've never played in that game either, but I wouldn't put it down. The people are fun and usually there are plenty of laughs to be had.

I have played with a bunch of bloggers at $25NL tables and there really is some fun shit going on there.

I know you resisted, but now you are one of of US.