Thursday, October 13, 2005

News....well, kinda olds

There have been some new developments in my small universe. Nothing earth shattering, but still, I should mention them here.

First, Poker Source Online has taken over the Internet Bonuses section of the 2+2 forums. (Hint: If you've never been to the 2+2 forums, you'll never find it by googling 2+2, try twoplustwo.) The forum was previously hosted by BonusWhores (that you can google) but the BW folks decided after a month that it was too much trouble and too much money for too little profit. It seemed like everyone at 2+2 was already a bonus whore anyway. Literally.

So, much like my comic sponsorship, PSO leapt in to take up the slack. They will probably continue the sponsorship for at least a couple of months. I was always hesitant to talk about PSO in the forum when BW was hosting it, so it's kind of nice to have the chains removed and be able to endorse the place openly and wholeheartedly. There are, of course, some negative people on there who had bad experiences with PSO. No business can please 100% of the people, but the one or two who dislike the place are usually exposed as idiots or crackpots. And their competition in the affilliate business aren't very happy with them either. Because they are getting STOMPED out of existence by a place that simply does it better.

There are a couple of new blogs I am reading that I probably should mention. One is Casino Ownage by Actyper. A long time Poker Source Online forum contributor has finally started blogging. There's lots of bonus whore goodness in there, especially on the casino side which I rarely touch.

Next is Another Poker Blog by Matthew/Kornholio. He's one of the seemingly zillion Canadians from Poker Source Online. PSO bought some ads in Canadian Poker Player magazine and boy did it pay off, because it seems like half their customers are Canadian. At least the most vocal. They loves them some poker in Canada, apparently.

Poker In Arrears by TripJax has the coolest graphic for his title than any other poker blog I've seen. And he has good content too! He's one of GCox's growing mafia contingent. Currenlty running the SNG challenge, which is fascinating to watch, and tempting to join into.

I like reading poker blogs of all kinds, from micro-limiters scraping it out at the penny-levels to the Poker Pros/Semis who have bankroll swings in the tens of thousands and don't bat an eye. But the ones that tend to hold my interest the most are the low-limiters, the $25-$100NL players, the $1/$2-$3/$6 players who grind away at the low levels, chasing bonuses and feeding the fish. Maybe it's just hubris. My title says I'm small time, and while I have taken some shit off people for it, I still feel like I'm small time and I don't think there's anything wrong with it.

I may be a small fish in a small pond, but I like it plenty.


actyper said...

Appreciate the mention. Thanks!

TripJax said...

Thanks for the pimpage. I appreciate it.

I actually used you as an example in my most recent post, directed towards your friend and mine, and I hope you don't mind.

I was trying to prove a point and I hope it came out the way I meant for it to.

As always, keep up the good bloggin' and may the felt be with you.

GaryC said...

Good post, as always, Duggle.

We may be small fish, but we are small fish in our own ponds. Keep up the good work.

BTW, I really like "mafia contingent."