Monday, October 31, 2005


Expectation is a weird thing. I was really cranked up for a few tournaments this weekend, especially the Poker Cruise tournament hosted by Poker Source Online at Absolute Poker.

I didn't really play poorly in the tournament, getting into good situations and pushing other players out when I felt they were weak. I crippled myself when I called an all-in with AJs vs KQo who rivered a queen. I misjudged the size of his stack and the effect it would have if I lost based on the increasing blinds. I'm not sure if I would make the same play again If I had it to do over again.

So I have a very dissatisfied feeling about the weekend, even though I increased my overall bankroll by more than 10%. This is a substantial gain for me, and I doubt I have matched such a large gain in several months. Yet I still feel like I had a poor weekend because of my MTT tournament play.

It might also have to do with how I was winning. It seemed like every NL game I played in I got busted almost immediately, then came back in a big way. So I constantly felt like I was fighting my way back, when in fact I really fought back easily and made big strides into profit.

SNGs also seem to feel fairly unrewarding. I won one easily, covering the table when there were still 5 players left at one on Full Tilt Poker. Another few seconds and thirds thrown in for a nice overall profit, but that one game where your KK lost when 22 flopped a full house and you finished in eighth out of nine really sticks in your craw. Shouldn't you have figured out you were beat?

It's bad when winning in ring games is unfulfilling, because that's where the real money is. Scoring big in an MTT is great, but that kind of success is so infrequent that you better not count on it to make your poker play satisfying.

Maybe I need to cash out my $400 that I won this weekend and buy something to remind myself that winning money in ring games is what poker is really all about. As long as you can beat the ring games, the rest is all gravy.


GaryC said...

Nice work, Duggle. I like the new layout.

The skillz are all TripJax's as I had absolutely nothing to do with it. He designed it and did all the work, so he deserves all the credit.


Shelly said...

It says a lot about where you are as a player that your performance means more than the money. Perform bad = bad weekend - the flipside being those times when you lose a session or tourney but feel great about how you played it. It's a good thing - much increasing the likelihood that the money will keep coming :)

Donkeypuncher said...

Someone's getting fancy...

SirFWALGMan said...

Wow, a real content post instead of slagging someone off. Congrats! heh. Anyway, I hear what your saying. Expectations in Poker seem to be my downfall alot, expecting to win this, or do better in that.. dissapointment does not feel great. Hell, I was dissapointed at taking 4th in the 1250 this weekend.. but we all trudge on.