Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Poker Comic #41

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Poker Comic brought to you by Poker Source Online. Nevada Jacks Poker Chipset FREE, just for playing poker!

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Well, my deal with Noble Poker ran out. Apparently I didn't generate enough new accounts. If any. Tons of clicks, but not sign-ups.

Luckily, Poker Source Online is here to take up the slack! Go PSO!

Seriously, I have referred dozens of people to PSO, and not a single one of them has regretted getting involved over there. Some of them have gone hog wild and done all the promotions as fast as possible. Most are more leisurely about it, but all of them love getting free stuff like Poker Chips, Poker Table Tops and Gift Certificates, just for playing poker online. Which they were doing anyway.

The best current deal (in my opinion) is the Nevada Jacks Poker Chip deal. You do one promotion, at Party Poker, Titan Poker or, and you get a chip set that retails for $190. Now they've added Paradise Poker and Absolute Poker, and those deals are as easy to complete as the Party Poker promotion. You have to be a first time real money player at any of those sites.

If you decide to give PSO a shot, please remember to say that DuggleBogey sent you!

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