Thursday, October 20, 2005

Mo Money

Made the money again in another MTT at Left in 21st place (of course the money went up at 20th place) when my AK ran into AJ. All in pre-flop, and the flop comes AQJ. No K no T and I'm out. $5+$.50, 477 players in attendance. I use the term "players" very loosely.

I figure there must be a way to buy into these things with players points or something, because at least half the field was playing it like a freeroll, or worse.

Very early in the tournament I doubled up with AA vs QQ. I had close to the starting stack of 1500 and my opponent hand over 3K, so my double up brought him back close to the starting stack. Yet it was still enough to make him tilt his way out of the tournament, going all in on every hand after that until he was gone. What makes a player do that? He's still above the average chipstack, and yet he decides "If this is how the tournament is going to be, I'm going to bust out intentionally!"

Later on, a guy is kind of talking out of his ass about how much money he makes playing poker, and how he's just killing time until a bigger tournament starts. He says "Want me to go all in on the next hand?" I say "Sure." He doesn't go all in and I say "I knew you wouldn't do it." He says "Oh yeah?" and on the next hand he says "I have Q4" and goes all in. Someone calls him with KT and sure enough, he had Q4 and takes a powder. Needless to say I was impressed. What was that guy trying to prove?

There were 250 players gone in the first hour. More early donkey action that you can almost imagine. KQ is the NUTS in this tournament, or so you would think by the number of times someone calls all in with it, or even worse, re-raises all in with it.

What is it with the fishy fascination with KQ? I see more stupid plays with that hand than any other, outside of A2 maybe.

At least I'm still doing well in MTTs. The only hand I went in behind was 77 vs 99, and after I raised it was only a few chips more to call the all in from a small stack. I figured he had me but I was pot stuck. Other than that I had a lead on most every hand I played, with very few coin tosses. On one hand I had AKs vs 99. The flop came TTJ with two of my suit, so I had outs galore(21!), and caught on the river. I can't think of another coin toss or hand where I wasn't better than 3/2 favorite.

Watch out for me on Sunday!

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