Sunday, October 16, 2005

I've been called out

It's 12:15 AM Saturday Night/Sunday Morning and I'm still at work. It's a long story but I have to cover for my second shift guy. Normally I would NEVER stay up this late for anything except poker.

In my late night boredom, I'm wandering around bloggerdom and I see that I've been called out by SirWiffleBalls. Check his site for the specific challenge.

I've been especially hard on him lately, what with calling him "Titanic" and all. Undeservedly, because he is actually one hell of a poker player. One of the qualities that a poker player needs is the ability to play with "NO FEAR." And nobody exemplifies this better than The WiffleBat. The guy could have the mortgage on the line and still bluff without a bead of sweat. I'd be peeing down my leg if I tried to bluff with more than $100 on the line.

Anyways, if I actually going to play against SirF, (which is silly because we've played against each other probably a dozen times in the past) I'm going to need some good lines to try and put him on tilt. I want to know, if you were playing a heads-up challenge with the WiffleMan himself, what would you say to try tilt him?

Hit me with your favorite SirFWALGMan tilt lines. Best one gets.....something....if I can think of anything....give me a break, it's fucking late. Free sponsorship of the next Poker Comic, maybe.


SirFWALGMan said...

Just play your normal game, that will put me on tilt. lol. So when and where and what? heh. Maybe we can get a blogger table going one night!!

TripJax said...

This would be perfect for the Heads-Up Challenge Part Deux damnit. You both gotta get in there. Go read HighOnPoker's blog..l for details...