Sunday, October 16, 2005

Error in Judgement

Well, after working until 1am, I was kinda cranked up for some poker after reading those tasty blogs all I see a rebuy tournament at Absolute Poker starting at 2am.

"What the hell!" I think to myself, and buy in, taking the rebuy right away to give myself 3000 chips.

Well, now it's 6:20am and I'm still fricking playing this godawful thing. Second break, I'm at the final table with seven left. Mostly idiots, which rebuy tournaments tend to bring out. Most everyone at the table has said they need to finish higher than 5th just to make money. I never rebought once after the initial doubleing, and the double add on at the first break.

I'm the short stack with 55K chips after calling a raise with 88 and folding to a K high flop, neither player had a K of course, but I had to figure one of those morons wasn't bluffing. I should have just gone all in pre-flop, one of those idiots surely would have called, but I was at an inbetween spot with my stack in relation to the blinds... Now that the big blind is 10K, there's not much doubt left anymore.

Will update tomorrow, hopefully, looks like 7th right now. OOPS, JJ! Called by AQ, rivered the Q. 7th it is!

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Bill Rini said...

Just view it as valuable experience playing in MTT tournaments. :-)