Monday, October 24, 2005

Full Tilt PSO Promotion

What an adventure filled weekend!

The first bit of excitement came on Saturday when Full Tilt Poker made me a lovely offer. I see from many other blogs that they are embracing the blogger community in a big way! But the problem was I didn't have a Full Tilt account yet. So I signed up via Poker Source Online. I intended to sign up long ago, but procrastination got the better of me.

What a mistake! I began the Full Tilt promotion on Saturday while I was cooking dinner for my parents who are in town for a visit. My sauce takes about an hour and a half to cook, so I had an hour to burn until I had to work on the salad and garlic bread and get the pasta started. So I signed up and got started at Full Tilt.

I had the promotion halfway finished playing $.50/$1.00 No Limit Hold Em for that hour. The tables were very tight compared to most aquariums, but there were still enough hands were people stacked off against each other that Full Tilt Points came quickly. You need 200 Full Tilt Points to finish the promotion, and you get one point per $1 in rake. There were plenty of hands raked $3, and every hand that saw a flop raked something, so the fractions of points added up very quickly.

Sunday I bombed out of the PokerStars Blogger Tourney very quickly. About a half hour in I had built a decent stack around $3000 and called a raise of $250 from a serial raiser in early position. Blinds were still $50 and I had QQ. His freqency seemed to indicate a raise with any Ace or face, so I was prepared to push on an all under flop. The flop came QJ6. He pushed all in for his $4K before I could. Since I had the nut at the time it was an easy call. He showed AK and the Ten came on the river to give him an early lead in the tournament. I checked later and he didn't even make it into the top half of finishers. I felt like Oliver Hudson.

The pain of early elimination was alleviated by an early dinner with my parents, who treated Mrs. Bogey and I to Ted's Cafe Escondito, the best Mexican Restaurant I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. I had Pork in Salsa Verde and it is absolutely unparalleled. Everything is as fresh as can be. I had it with Pappas Mexicanas and Corn con Crema, and the combination was heavenly. The setup there is incredible too, with the best salsa I have ever tasted, along with warm flour tortillas made moments before you eat them.

We returned home in plenty of time for the $3K New Depositors Main Event at Absolute Poker that King Lucky and I struggled to qualify for by coming in the top 200 out of 377, with 100 no shows. There were 1400 entries and payouts started at 63. Only 700 or so no shows in this one. I exited early again but I can't even remember the details. I'm sure it was a donkey play that I've blocked out of my mind. KingLucky played excellent poker and managed to make the penultimate payout level. First 11 places got $75, $60 paid out to 27 places and King Lucky got 25th. He did get lucky a couple of times. Once he was all in with K9s vs KK and turned a flush. Later he was all in with 95s vs 99 and rivered a wheel. Both times I think he was all in on the big blind and more than tripled up to stay alive.

While sweating KingLucky, who moneyed in another freeroll at the same time, I finished my promotion at Full Tilt. In about another hour of play I won $150, received $10 in bonus from Full Tilt's 100% deposit bonus and completed 200 Full Tilt Bonus Points to qualify for $60 worth of PSO points.

I know most of you already have Full Tilt Poker accounts, especially those of you that got the offer that I got. If you don't, please click on my link, but click on my PSO link instead and sign up for Full Tilt Poker through Poker Source Online. You'll get the 100% deposit bonus, but you'll also get a free prize from Poker Source Online like Poker Tracker or Poker Tracker Omaha. And you'll clear the PSO bonus in no time at all.


actyper said...

Same crap for me on the Blogger's tourney. Flop a set, big stack pulls off runner runner flush, though he did have TPTK off the flop. Pissed as I was playing pretty good for 2 hours.

Why is it that I'm the only one who never got a Full Tilt offer!!!

DuggleBogey said...

I'm thinking they are after blogs of a certian age so they can assume they will be around longer...

They will probably extend the offer to you eventually.

actyper said...

Actually I thought you were talking about the extra bonus they're giving out. Get X Points, get X$. Can clear both bonuses together. Didn't realize there was another bonus I'm missing out on! :)

leathej1 said...

Did you get the sopapilla after the meal? Mmm - green chile...

DuggleBogey said...

Not only that, but I took half of it to work today for lunch, and it may have been even better today.

GaryC said...

Mmmmmmmm, Ted's. Did you have to wait to get in? Alot of times there is a long line waiting to eat there.

You were only about two blocks from my house, by the way.


DuggleBogey said...

Since it was only about 3:45 (like I said, I exited quickly!) there wasn't any line, we got right in.

And we went to the Ted's that they opened in Edmond. I think there's three locations now.