Monday, October 10, 2005 finished

I finished my promotion from Poker Source Online at with mild success. I would have done better except one hand where I bluffed away $45 with the Hammer. The donkey who later insisted he only played 30% VPIP called me all the way down with 33 unimproved.

I began to doubt the 30% number when later he called my pre-flop raise with T8s. Since the flop was A88, he probably thought after the flop that it was a genius call. Since I had AA, he probably thought differently after the hand was over and I had his whole stack. He tried to trap me. NH.

All in all a very positive experience at They offer a lot of cheap and middle level buy in tournaments, and they move along very nicely. Plenty of ring game action whenever I wanted it, enough to do some basic table selection. The software was fairly nice. I did get disconnected once (my router was the problem) and when I re-connected a couple hands later they had given my seat away. That was kind of annoying.

I never tried the java version, the download version always ran very smooth for me. The attached casino and abundance of mac only users seems to provide a pretty good supply of fresh fish. The 40% buy-in bonus was nice because I cleared it at the same time I cleared the PSO Bonus.

I'm looking forward to getting the Nevada Jack's chips to give to my father-in-law for Christmas. They sell for over $200 a set on Ebay, so I'm expecting something pretty extraordinary.

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